A little heads-up to you brave beta testers: I'm going to merge a major change which will add infrastructure for multi library support to LMS 7.9. See this thread for some of the discussion.

What is it?

  • "Virtual Libraries" (or filtered views on your library) will be available from the My Music menu item. Once you select such a library, you'll have a filtered view on your collection. This means you could eg. have only Kids music in the kid's room Radio, and none of that stuff on your Transporter, or have FLAC files listed only.
  • Plugins can register their own virtual libraries. They'll have to implement a scanner module to provide the necessary data to the browse modes. This can be as simple as an SQL statement running after the main scan. There's a LibraryDemo plugin which shows developers how it can be done.
  • Plugins can register custom menu items based on a virtual library. This would allow you to get a very specific view on your collection without having to switch to a filtered view for the remainder of the menus. The LibraryDemo does this to add a few items dealing with long tracks.

Some caveats:

  • After you update your LMS 7.9 to the latest and greatest LMS will automatically run a wipe & rescan, as the DB schema has changed.
  • LMS only provides the infrastructure to achieve all of this. Plus a LibraryDemo plugin which shows a few possibilities. It's up to 3rd parties to make this a rally great feature.
  • The LibraryDemo plugin is disabled by default. If you want to test these new features you'll have to to enable it and re-run a scan.
  • 3rd party plugins dealing with the music library will require work to support filtered views (eg. SmartMix ;-))
  • RandomPlay needs some good testing. I did update it to support virtual libraries. But this required more changes than I expected.
  • This is still work in progress. The most important changes should be done already. But I'm sure I've forgotten many of the small details. A lot of code in the area of library browsing has changed. Please test, test, test, and report any issues you're seeing.
  • Bit OUCH!: most smartphone apps aren't ready for the filtered view yet (custom filter menu items should work). In some cases it'll require serious work by the developer, in other cases it might be a simple caching problem. Please get in touch with me if you are a developer. We'll figure this out.