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Thread: LMS 7.9 and DSD

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    Should this be working on FreeBSD (FreeNAS) also?

    I get the following message on my server 'DSDPlayer does not currently include a version of dsdplay which supports your server. DSD playback has been disabled for this player.'
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    status of dsd playback with lms 7.9 and squeezebox touch?

    This is the problem you are facing: no matter what tool you try to use, real SB could not play 'native' DSD, you should disable that choice, then use whatever you like to inform LMS what transcoding you like to apply.[/QUOTE]; 2018-07-02, 11:39 by marcoc1712

    Dear all,

    I'm quite new in trying to get LMS streaming dsf (on a qnap ts-253a) from my squeezebox touch to my dac (topping E30). I've read a lot in this forum and it seems it doesn't work. The quote above is the latest I could find on the subject.

    Am I correct? Or did I miss any posts?

    Thanks for your reply.


    Edit: it works! Partial...
    See the following post and its prior ones:
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