I was very happy when i the other day notice at the wiki pages/nightly builds -change log that the LMS 7.9 now supports DSD -->DSF / DFF.

I have therefore installed this on 7.9.0 on my Mac and can see in the web interface that DSF and DFF is supported in "Native".

My problem is now, how to get this DSD functionality into the Squeezebox Touch.When i search for "new software " then the Squeezebox touch say the newst SW is installed and this is not 7.9.0 but the official 7.7.3
When i try to playback a DSF or DFF file then the squeezebox touch shows that it does not regonise the file format..

BTW: If i pack a DSD file into FLAC, then the Squeezebox plays the flac and DOP into my DAC that now shows that a DSD file is playing.. But this has nothing to do with playback in the "NATIVE" setting in the web interface.

Has someone this up running with DSD files?