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    Announce: Squeeze on Arch - developer version

    Supported Devices
    Install images are available for the following platforms:

    Raspberry PI - model B and B+
    Wandboard - duallite and quad

    Installation Instructions

    The simplest way to install SoA is to download one of the installer images, unzip it and flash the resulting 12M image file to a 4G or larger micro sdcard.
    Insert the sdcard in your device and boot the device with a wired Ethernet connection. It should obtain an IP address and display a web page if you connect to this IP address with your browser. The web page shows a disclaimer statement and allows you to initiate download of Arch Linux ARM and the SoA components.

    Installation will take ~20-40 minutes depending on the device and your internet connection speed. During this time the device will reboot one or more times. If you do not see activity after this time, try manually rebooting the device.


    Older instructions for previous install scripts:

    (removed - this method has been depreciated)


    You can also install more manually on top of an arch linux installation:

    1) install arch linux on an sdcard for your device, for example for a wandboard:
    (go to the install tab for instructions of how to download and flash an image)

    At present you need an existing linux machine for this. However if you use a wandboard then you can use the second microsd slot as the target card and perform the above instructions while running another linux image on the main microsd slot. The second slot is /dev/mmcblk1 (use in place of /dev/sdX in the arch install instructions) If you have a fresh wandboard then you can load the standard ubuntu image to enable you to do this.

    2) boot the device from the arch linux image and ssh to the device using the username root and password root

    3) follow the instructions at https://github.com/SqueezeOnArch/soa-aur which explain how to build and install squeeze on arch applications. This requires several minutes, but should be self explanatory for people used to the command line.

    4) reboot the device and attach to it using the web interface from a browser.
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