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    SqueezePlay OS for OpenPeak/O2 Joggler (SQPOS)

    This is to draw your attention to a project I really like.

    SqueezePlay OS for Joggler (SQPOS)

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    SqueezePlay OS (Version 2) for OpenFrame

    The Joggler device is - in my opinion - the little brother of the Touch with a bigger screen.
    It is only the little brother because a DAC is missing and - as some people say - the Stereo output is not as brilliant as the touch is.

    Never the less the analogue sound quality improved with the current release and you can connect your own DAC to the USB port.
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    I actually added a toslink optical to one of mine and a RCA digital out to the other, relatively easy to do, from memory it was only 3 wires to solder to the motherboard for both, and a couple of components for RCA. I wouldn't swop either of mine for a Touch (except to sell for a greatly inflated price and buy more Jogglers )

    There's also the added bonus that the Joggler has enough grunt to run LMS very well as well as being a playback device.

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