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> views. It was the same each time. None of the albums added after the
> last full rescan (two separate scans for changed and new, about 20 new
> albums total) showed up in New Music, but were all available in Artists,
> Albums and through Search.

Ok, I think I've figured that one out. Are you using more than one music
folder entry?

The cache was only exposing the real issue which was that the
lastScanTime timestamp did not get updated under certain circumstances.
As many of the caches rely on that timestamp to invalidate data, they
would return stale content.

Should be fixed in tomorrow's build.


I only have one music folder entry:

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but it just has four shortcuts to the real music folders:

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I tried using multiple folders defined in LMS when I first went to 7.7.3, but the scanner would go off in the weeds and never finish. So I went back to this method which has been a stable work around for a multi-disc library since 7.6.5.