Anyone out there have both the Squeezebox, and MediaMVP???

If so, how system intensive is it to have both sets of server software running on the same PC? Do the two sets of software "fight", or conflict with each other in any way?? Have you noticed your network clogging up when using both, etc??

Here's my situation. I love my squeezebox. I get great sound, and I like the improvements I'm seeing with every update of the server software, BUT, I'd love to add another unit on the secondary entertainment center, and I just can't bring myself to pay the HUGE $$$$ for another squeezebox, especially when the MediaMVP is so cheap, AND does video/pictures.

Anyways...I'd appreciate some info from anyone who is, or has run both units on the same network / from the same PC. (basic system specs would be handy as well)

Thanks a ton!

Danny Rego