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    LMS does not recognize .WAV files

    Running LMS 7.8.0 on a Windows 7 box, which is primarily a file server. I use iTunes 11.1.5 on a mac to manage the music.

    If I take a .wav file and copy it into iTunes, LMS does not recognize the file. If I convert that file to either ALAC or AIFF, LMS will recognize the file.

    Am I missing a setting somewhere?


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    Tagging ! you migth find them under "music folder" in LMS

    Yes FLAC or ALAC has better metadata support so you migth go for those formats , there are some few utilities that can tag .wav but its more finicky and less supported .
    WMP can not tag .wav it actually does download the metadata from the internet but keeping its own dB but it's never written to the file .
    LMS uses the metadata thats in the file itself mostly (and it has an option to guess tags from folder and file structure but that less usefull)

    If you must use iTunes ALAC is it . Otherwise FLAC is the most well suported format in LMS .

    If you have to use multiple aplications you obviously has to find a format that works everywhere or use two copies of the library .
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    You're not required to use the iTunes plugin. You could just scan the music library directly, and those files will probably be seen.

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    Turned "use iTunes" off, still doesn't see the files after a full scan. I feel like I didn't use to have this problem. It's not a huge deal to convert, but an inconvenience.

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    Are the WAV files located within the music directory?

    Are you sure that the scan is completing successfully and not stopping part way through the library? Check Settings > Information and the scanner.log file.

    If they're WAV files and have no tagging, maybe you just can't find them. Have you looked for a 'No Artist' artist or a 'No Album' album? You may have to use the option at Settings > Advanced > Formatting > Guess Tags Formats in order to get any type of metadata for these files, from the directory names. However, if they're in an iTunes-managed folder, this may be of no use at all.

    I would try to get a file count of audio files and compare it to the song count shown by LMS. Probably the easiest way would be to pull up a command prompt in the top folder of the library and then user dir commands. For example:

    D:\Music>dir /s *.flac
    D:\Music>dir /s *.alac
    D:\Music>dir /s *.mp4
    D:\Music>dir /s *.mp3
    D:\Music>dir /s *.wav

    Run a command for each type of audio file extension in your library and add up the counts.

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