I am a bit confused here.
I have a list of WMA internet stations that I can't get mplayer to play,
but using wmatool on windows they work fine.
Given this logic, why can't AlienBBC play on Windows using wmatool? ...
And any advice on getting mplayer to play these stations? Using Fedora
Core 2


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Hi Michael.

The honest answer is 'maybe'. AlienBBC uses mplayer to transcode for
you... so... if mplayer can play WXPN, then I think AlienBBC will see
you right.

Does that tell you what you need to know, or do you need more

-- Jules

Michael J. Tarr wrote:

> A query. On a linux box will AlienBBC enable listening to WMA streams?

> Specifically, WXPN?
> I assume Slimserver does not have the ability to play WMA streams
> except on Windows machines...
> Thanks, Mike