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    SB on continuous reboot - timout on searching for LMS?

    Edit - my bad - These are Squeezebox (1) - they show up as SB2 in LMS, but I gather that is wrong..

    I still have 3 SB devices in remote corners of the house (workshop, garage etc.) - great for what they do. I have been having (for quite some time now) occasional problems with getting them to connect to LMS. They power up, prompt for setup network, pick up an IP address (either DHCP or Manual), and then they fail when looking for a LMS server - re-starting the boot cycle.

    I have 2 - 3 LMS servers, and the problems seem to happen if the LMS that the SB was attached to is stopped for some reason. Occasionally it might pick up a server, but 9+ times out of 10 it re-boots within about 2 seconds. I'm wondering if there is a timing problem where it's not waiting long enough. Servers are QNAP x70 pro, Network is Gigabit, LMS is 7.8.0-1386246861 (also occasional windows server) - but it happens with all versions for a while now. PSU's are new. If I look at settings then it still has the IP of the LMS that it was last connected to. I reset the device by pressing the power button for 5 seconds. I have tried manual configure and auto, but the same result is that as soon as it goes off looking for a slimserver, it barfs. The only slight difference is that on manual configure I might get a glimpse of a LMS before the reboot.

    I also have a SLIMP3 and that is fine because you can manually enter the LMS address on startup.

    Final point - if I turn all but one LMS off on the network, and setup the squeezebox then when it goes looking for a server it will flash the server name before rebooting. If I press the right button just before/when it flashes then it still re-boots, but it will have stored the server IP correctly and will come up ok next time.

    Ideas anyone? SB firmware is 40. I'm wondering if there is a CLI issue between latest LMS and the SB setup (assuming it is using CLI).
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    Yes, SB players always try to connect to the server it was last connected on. For the vast majority of users this is desired as few users use multiple local servers and/or switch between a local server and the online MySB.com server.

    Try holding the LEFT/BACK arrow on the remote, enter Setup screen, now scroll down to see all available LMS servers on the network.

    A typical NAS issue is it's slow performance inhibits normal program startup. NAS has not completely booted up and properly retrieved it's needed networking setup yet LMS server has launched already. Now LMS cannot obtain it's needed network setup. Usually just rebooting LMS itself resolves the issue.

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