I have now ripped all my CDs and going forward I am hoping to buy lossless downloads to save on clutter.

I couldn't see a thread on here on where to buy lossless music so I thought I would start one.

The usual suspect https://www.hdtracks.com/; music guaranteed to flatline any pulse
www.qobuz.com - Good selection; but whenever I try and download anything I want - not available in UK. I also don't like paying more for a download then a CD. Also have to faff about translating to a decent language.
boomkat.com - good selection of electonic and obsurata many with flac downloads cheaper then the cd; but you have to pay extra to use paypal. Useless for classical or mainstream (but not my bag)
bleep.com similar to boomkat although flac is more limited. No paypal surcharge.
http://www.junodownload.com/ more indie dance and electronica
http://zunior.com/ canadian indie music store. Prices seem quite cheap.
http://www.crammed.be/ crammed record label; eclectic mix of world music; art rock and electronica. Reasonable prices flac cheaper then cd.
http://shopusa.4ad.com/ 4ad records. Legendary indie label; I thought it had conked out in the eighties but glad to see I was wrong.

Also many artists have their own websites some of them offer flac or other lossless downloads. I assume the artist gets a bigger cut if you buy from here; so IMHO worth the effort.