There's also a bug where only 1 track with the same Artist, Album &
Track number combination can be stored in SlimServer.
I found this was responsible for a lot of my iTunes music disappearing
from SlimServer.


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Hi Keith,

Is it possible that the permissions for the Y: drive prevent the SYSTEM

account (which is how the SlimServer is running) from accessing the
files on that drive?

That would explain the problems you are seeing.


On Nov 26, 2004, at 11:01 AM, Keith Leng wrote:

> Could anyone suggest why SlimServer is not finding some of my iTunes
> files in the following scenario?
> iTunes settings
> ---------------
> iTunes Music Folder = z:\music
> "Keep iTunes Music Folder organized" - checked
> "Copy files to iTunes folder when adding to library" - unchecked
> SlimServer is set to "Find iTunes Library Automatically". It
> successfully finds and plays files in z:\music. However, I've recently
> added some additional files which are in Y:\Replay Radio\Recordings.

> doesn't see these files.
> I added the files to iTunes using the menu option File=>"Add Folder to
> Library".
> iTunes can see and play these files without any problem. The iTunes

> file entries seems fine. They all correctly point to the relevant

> on the Y: drive.
> I set up an iTunes playlist which includes files from z:\music and
> files
> from y:\Replay Radio\Recordings. SlimServer sees the playlist and it
> sees the files from z:\music. It doesn't see the files on the Y:

> If I create an iTunes playlist that includes only files from the Y:
> drive, SlimServer sees the playlist but reports that it's empty.
> I've tried stop/start/rescan etc. with no luck.
> Any ideas would be much appreciated.
> Keith