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    [HOW TO] Squeezelite player on Windows 8 step by step

    [HOW TO] Squeezelite player on Windows 8 step by step

    This is my first step by step, written to help non-techy people to setup squeezelite player (all kudos to Triode for this great little friend of our Squeezebox environment).
    I. You have LMS already installed (either on the same machine or separate)
    II. This tutorial is based on Windows 8 environment
    III. You have basic knowledge about Squeezebox and LMS behavior

    1. Download squeezelite for windows from here

    2. Unzip it squeezelite-win.zip to your final destination for example native Windows download folder. If you want you can rename this folder to “Squeezelite” and squeezelite-win.exe to squeezelite.exe as well (not mandatory).

    3. Do not try to run squeezelite-win.exe stored in your unzipped folder. You need to run it via cmd.exe (command line). I’ll show you how in next steps.

    4. To add mp3 playback support, install either libmad-0.dll or libmpg123-0.dll in the same directory as this file. Suggested by Triode source:
    - download http://www.mpg123.de/download/win32/...1.14.4-x86.zip from MPG123
    - extract mpg123-1.14.4-x86/libmpg123-0.dll into this directory (the file is approx ~282k when extracted).

    Now your Squeezelite folder should look like this:

    Name:  mp3 lib folder.JPG
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    5. In the address toolbar write “cmd” (without quotes) and press enter

    Name:  cmd.jpg
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    6. Now Command Line should open

    Name:  cmd1.JPG
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    7. Your first step now will be to determine your audio output. In the command line write:
    squeezebox-win.exe –l
    TIP: if you want to copy commands and paste into command line dialog box just use your mouse: copy desired text and using your mouse right button choose from context menu “Paste”.

    This will list all your audio outputs and should look like this:

    Name:  audio output list.JPG
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    8. Ok, now very important thing – we have to determine what audio output is your “squeezelite audio output”. Write down the numbers of your audio outputs; we’ll need it later.
    TIP: If you are going to use external DAC, especially USB DAC you have to connect it BEFORE running –l command for listing your audio outputs.

    9. The easiest way to find out which output to choose is to follow these steps:

    9a. Run your Logitech Media Server and if you have another Squeezebox player play any music. This will tell us that we have audio signal coming from your LMS. Now go to next step.

    10. Now you should understand basic squeezelite commands (all without quotes!!!):
    “-o” – this command tells squeezelite what audio output to choose
    “-n” – after this command you can specify name of your squeezelite player
    “-s” – this is command for telling your squeezelite player what’s your LMS ip

    11. Now we’ll write command to start squeezelite:

    squeezelite-win.exe -o 7 -n SqueezeliteWIN -s

    “7” is my audio output (in my case these are speakers connected to headphones output)
    “SqueezeliteWIN” is my squeezelite player name
    “” is my LMS IP address

    12. After running this command go back to LMS, best way is to open it via web browser. Now you should see your newly started squeezelite player.

    Name:  LMS.JPG
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    Now you should sync your squeezebox players.
    If you can hear music form both of your players – good for you.
    No? Don’t panic. You have to choose different audio output.
    Close the command line dialog box, and open it again (just like in the step 5).
    Now type (or paste) this command:
    squeezelite-win.exe -o 7 -n SqueezeliteWIN -s
    but now change the audio output number after “-o” command. Repeat, until you here music from your squeezelte player.
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