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    I'm trying to reproduce this problem by creating and saving a playlist on ipeng7 on my ipad. But I realize I need help with how to do that. I add some songs and streams to my now playing window in iPeng. Then at the top of the now playing window (on the right side of screen), I click the SAVE button, but all this does is blank out the playlist window and show a CANCEL button at the top. And I don't see a new playlist created anywhere. (Plus I was never given an option to name the playlist I was trying to create).

    So what are the steps for creating a playlist via ipeng?

    NEVERMIND. I was able to create a couple of playlists via ipeng (I only had the option to save and name when I didn't have the "pinned" active playlist). In any case, I created a couple of playlists via ipeng on LMS 7.8 with a combination of radio station streams and local tracks and all show up just fine in my playlist window, even after exiting ipeng and stopping it on my ipad then going back to ipeng and opening the playlists. So I can't reproduce your 7.8 playlist problem.
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