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    Battery-Powered "Boom" Alternative

    I've been watching this item -- ION Block Rocker Bluetooth -- for a while waiting for it to come down in price and finally purchased one refurbished. It has a large internal battery that is rated for dozens of hours. It also has a USB power tap for running an external device or charging a phone. I've temporarily hooked my Kindle Fire to it and have an Android mini-PC on order for permanent Squeezebox duty. Any smartphone with a player app would also work. It's cold here now but I'm really looking forward to using this thing in the backyard this summer!

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    I got the non-bluetooth version last year and it was great in the summer!

    I got BT capabilities by buying a small iPod-BT dongle for about ú7 that slots into the iDock on top and can be accessed from my Android devices.

    The only issue (often reported) is that the battery life depreciates as it gets older. It's a lead acid battery so I'm not sure how easy it'll be to swap out when it eventually gives up, but in the meantime it's still got hours of life and the mains backup.
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