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    Change volume to more than 100 and force headphone output

    I have a Squeezebox Radio that is hardwired to a small digital amp using the headphone output on the squeezebox. I am trying to accomplish two goals.

    1. I want to change the headphone maximum output to more than 100%. If I hook my iPhone directly to the amp instead of using the squeezebox I can get a significantly higher level of sound from my amp and that is what I'm looking to achieve from the squeezebox.
    2. The alarm always outputs sound through the built-in speaker even though I have speakers hooked up to headphone jack. How can I change the alarm to output sound to the headphone jack instead?

    Before you all warn about doing damage to my amp from increasing the gain sent to it, I don't care. I don't care if changing the gain to 120% can burn up the amp. It's cheap, but at the same time I don't want to buy a bigger amp. I would just like to know the answers to my two questions.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas

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    The volume in the web UI used to go to eleven. But this confused users (I'm sure you can find experts discussing the topic on the tube channels). Now you can no longer go further than 100%.

    Merry Christmas everybody!

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    Do you have Replay Gain turned on? That might be reducing the volume?
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    100% is the full wordsize of the digital audio there is no more .
    Unless you use replaygain tags then you loose -10dB.
    (101% would start hard clip and distorsion ).

    You fix this on the analog side an amp with more gain in the volume control or a preamp .
    The gain property has nothinh to do with how big the amp is .

    Can you not play loud enogh by simply raise the volume control is that one also at maximum, that one of the things its there for.

    Headphone out ? Tells something for connecting to amps there where several other squeezebox models the Touch for example
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    Quote Originally Posted by PWB View Post
    Outputs sound through the built-in speaker even though I have speakers hooked up to headphone jack. How can I change the alarm to output sound to the headphone jack instead?

    Look at all of this thread http://forums.slimdevices.com/showth...-speaker/page3 especially post #26. Post '26 is the start but read previous and follow up comments to get your solution as it look like #26 is not quite correct..

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    It may well not be possible. If the amp on the iPhone can output a higher voltage than the amp on the headphone output of the Radio then whatever you do the iPhone will be louder.

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