hi all,
Having thought about it, I've decided to move my LMS from the family PC, and rescan the CDs to FLAC. I'm going to use a vortexbox. This was one of my options, and the final choice was driven by getting one at a reasonable price on ebay recently.

So, I'll probably have to update the VB software for a start, and I can see that there are other decisions to be made such as how to rip (using the VB appliance's or the PC and dbpoweramp?); which FLAC quality; how to get the tags right from the outset; how best to keep the mp3s for the ipods; etc. Any views on all of these will certainly be appreciated.

For the moment though, the first question I have - and maybe not even the most important - is how to manage the transition? I have x hundred CDs to re-rip, and that's not going to happen in a great hurry. Should I disable LMS on the VB until I have the ripping finished (continuing to use the PC and my current LMS setup) or do it differently somehow? If I was doing it 'piecemeal' or incrementally, presumably I'd have to go along deleting mp3 versions of CDs as and when I managed to get them into FLAC format?

I'm probably also going to have to add a network or LAN switch to facilitate this, so lots more new stuff to learn.

Any thougts or comments from anyone who's been through this or something similar would be appreciated.

many thanks