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    How To avoid the SqueezeBox to connect on MysqueezeBox.com

    Dear users,

    When my NAS server running the LogitechMediaServer is overloaded, I lose the SqueezeBox player connection.
    I don't see this player in my List (on the WEB browser and on SqueezeCommander).
    I see the WiFi connection as appaired on my Router.
    The Player is not connected to MySqueezeBox.Com.
    I must select again the LogitechMediaServer on the squeezeBox (I must do it via the menu on the SqueezeBox)

    My other player (SqueezeTouch and Receiver) doesn't have the same behavior.
    With this two player, when my server become available again, I can directly play a song without having to reconfigure it again.

    Is it a solution to this issue ?

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    ASUS S1 D525 ATOM with 2GB on Linux Gentoo i686-linux
    Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.0 (Previous Version : 7.7.3 - 7.5.5 - r32671)
    Perl Version: Perl Version: 5.20.2 - i686-linux-thread-multi (5.18.2 - i686-linux-thread-multi)
    Database Version: DBD::SQLite 1.34_01 (sqlite (Previously : MySQL : 5.1.70)
    1 x Squeezebox Touch : 7.8.0-r16754 (7.5.1-r9009) + 1 x Squeezebox Boom + 1 x Squeezebox Receiver
    Squeeze Lite on Raspberry
    SqueezeCommander ( on ACER A1-810

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