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    Hi guys

    Under normal circumstances the flashing LED mentioned on the main board indicates received IR signals. Any compatible remote would make it light up as the raw IR signals are all sent to LMS. Only LMS then decides whether the command is for Transporter or not. So I am not sure why without any IR signals present the LED would light up or flash at all.

    The little beige board between main board and display board is a power supply (input 110V - 240V, output 5V) which does supply power to the display and via flat cable also supplies power to the microcontroller and WiFi board.

    In my experience only one thing died in my Transporter which is the beige board (5V supply). Once Transporter would not start at all anymore and a second time the first indicator was that the right display would stay dark (and first I thought the display was broken) but in the end it was that 5V power supply again.

    I cannot comment on the WiFi card as I run my Transporter without it.

    I would suggest you'll check out that 5V power supply and whether it still generates 5V at all.

    Be careful though as you are dealing with 110V or 220V on some parts inside Transporter.


    P.S. The high voltage needed for the displays is generated on the display board itself.
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    Hi Felix it's good to see you're still here!

    I thank you for your response on this - indeed your past experience (2 times a hardware failure on the beige PCB) points towards what the rest of us are experiencing being a failure on this pcb as well.

    Do you happen to recall which specific component was the weak link, or did you simply swap the whole PCB?

    Any feedback will be *much* appreciated.



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    Hello Nikos

    Thank you for the kind words. And yes, occasionally I still browse the forums. ;-)

    I am no expert in switching power supplies, so no, I did not try to figure out what component broke but replaced the whole thing. As I knew the specs (5V/2A) I simply replaced it with a switching power supply I still had from an old obsolete router.

    Again, be aware of the high voltage inside Transporter.


    P.S. This seems to be the model (although the board length doesn't match exactly): http://www.unifive-us.com/products/12w-series-1
    Programming is the art of cleverly arranging bits and bytes. - (c) Felix Mueller

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    Hi Felix and thank you for your feedback on this I appreciate it.

    Yes the unifive model does indeed look like a promising replacement although by looking at the specs-pdf I admit I have a hard time understanding how this power supply is able to provide all output options 3V/2.0A 3.3V/2.0A 5V/2.0A 7.5V/1.3A 9V/1.1A 12V/1.0A 15V/0.7A 18V/0.6A 24V/0.5A at the same time?

    My limited knowledge regarding psus tells me there should/would (?) be different versions for each output option but I fail to see on the site how one would order one specific version in our case the 5v/2a. Am I missing something here?

    The pdf mentions that 5v/2a corresponds to "input condition #3" whatever that means.

    Either way I can see light in the tunnel and I don't think it's the train


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    Hi Nikos

    The linked switched power supply is rated 12W. That would suggest it can only have one of the listed voltage/current option at the time. I don't think that can be chosen on the fly, but must be ordered with the desired specifications. However how that is done from their website I have no idea. Have you tried to contact them by email?

    Programming is the art of cleverly arranging bits and bytes. - (c) Felix Mueller

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    Hi Felix,

    I will try isolating and replacing the failed component in the current psu..if that fails then the next thing in line it to try and locate the exact same model..if that fails I will contact unifive and see what comes out of it. What worries me is you saying that the unifive on the link you gave me is different in size and that would pose a problem regarding it's holes and the respective fitting holes in the transporter..we'll see.

    On the other hand since I recall that both my SB1s and SB2s use a unifive wallwart psu then maybe unifive equips the specific psu in the transporter also..so (maybe?) it's still available through unifive even if it's not listed on their site.

    I will update the thread with whatever the outcome of the quest.

    Thank you


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    ans YES we have Liftoff!

    Hello again to all interested in this.

    I can now confirm that the guilty party is indeed the 5v beige PSU!

    The TP was resurrected in the Easter like Lazarus

    I have taken close-up photos of the failed PCB showing the discolouration I mentioned earlier. It appears to be either a diode or a cap or a transistor. The discolouration appears in two different areas and since its is *really* crowded in there (as you will see in the photos) it is not clear which one of the three is to blame. I was planning to desolder these three and proceed to replacing them all at once since the cost would be minimal , but I was bored really .. will propably do it someday just to satisfy my curiosity.

    I hunted down a suitable replacement per Felix's valuable input regarding the Unifive link and ended up at "Rapid electronics" in UK. These guys had the replacement in stock but it was not very clear regarding it's dimensions. In some place it was mentioned as being 60mm long (*wrong* dimension for the TP) and in some places it was mentioned as being 55mm (*correct* dimension for the TP).

    A simple online chat with an available support person..and after 2 mins for her to look it up and check..she came back with a confirmation that the correct length was indeed 55mm...I decided to bite the bullet and go for 2 pieces at aprx 9 GBP each (since peace of mind urged me for having a spare..and since their cost is low)

    By the way this is a 5V@2.3A PSU can be used to provide juice to RPI projects as well.

    I'm at the office now but tonight or tomorrow I will be posting the pics of the failed PSU , a pic of the new replacement PSU, and the respective link on the rapid site for anyone wanting to order a replacement now (or for fellow TP owners who end up here in the future..I'm pretty sure there will be quite a few)



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    So like I said here's the link for the replacement. Part number 85-2251.


    It is supposed to be manufactured by Powerpax Uk, but the Unifive logo is also printed directly on the PCB like on my original part.

    Name:  iIMG_2676.jpg
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    Also here follow the pics from the failed one. The burning discolourisation appears next to the orange ceramic cap. There is another possible failure in the transistor (regulator?) next to the blue cap but the burning can be seen only from the underside.(see pic)

    Name:  iIMG_2669.jpg
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    As predicted, I'm another Transporter owner who is apparently experiencing the same failure. My screen went dead, but the player worked for a couple days, and now it's not responding. Glad to see this looks like a pretty simple fix.

    _NK_ thanks very much for the detailed follow-ups.

    I don't suppose anyone has found replacements in Australia? I haven't figured out yet if the linked store will ship here, but I'm sure it would be cheaper to find something locally. Will any ps with the same voltage basically work?

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    ditto here also, put a Touch in its place and shopping for another Touch as prices seem to be heading downward
    Pioneer Elite N50 main HT rig hardwired to router connected

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    3rd Touch Wirelessly connected (bedroom)

    4th Touch Wirelessly connected (livingroom)

    5th Touch Wirelessly connected (downstairs bedroom)

    Server (In garage)
    running on Duo Core P4 3.0 GHz 8 gig ram
    Windows 7 pro 64 bit
    350 Xternal gigHD
    1.5 TB backup
    Verizon Fios wireless router w/HG antana

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