For starters, if weíre all having the same part failure, seems like not the best idea to use identical board unless there is some improvements. Many reports of a tiny smoked resistor (which looks to be the issue with mine too), so, Iím not totally confident on the design.

I agree though it would be nice to have the same board fit into the screw holes. And 2.3amp is plenty of power given at full load my Transporter drew under 1.7a

Then thereís the matter of a 8.5GBP device that I cannot get a price for shipping from UK to USA without registration, and itís likely to cost several times that of the PS itself to get it to Texas. From Amazon, I can probably get same day delivery on one that produces the same 5vDC regulated and would work just fine.

What am I missing?

Oh, and that we have an 8mo old baby so time is super precious, Iím definitely motivated to get this repaired and buttoned up and off my desk quickly. ;-)