Hi guys

Under normal circumstances the flashing LED mentioned on the main board indicates received IR signals. Any compatible remote would make it light up as the raw IR signals are all sent to LMS. Only LMS then decides whether the command is for Transporter or not. So I am not sure why without any IR signals present the LED would light up or flash at all.

The little beige board between main board and display board is a power supply (input 110V - 240V, output 5V) which does supply power to the display and via flat cable also supplies power to the microcontroller and WiFi board.

In my experience only one thing died in my Transporter which is the beige board (5V supply). Once Transporter would not start at all anymore and a second time the first indicator was that the right display would stay dark (and first I thought the display was broken) but in the end it was that 5V power supply again.

I cannot comment on the WiFi card as I run my Transporter without it.

I would suggest you'll check out that 5V power supply and whether it still generates 5V at all.

Be careful though as you are dealing with 110V or 220V on some parts inside Transporter.


P.S. The high voltage needed for the displays is generated on the display board itself.