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    Logitech Squeezebox Controller app can't find my server

    I apologize if someone has gone over this before, but I am failing to find it...

    What needs to be in place for the Logitech Squeezebox Controller app to find my squeezebox server when my phone is not connected to the same subnet (ie, when I am not at home)?

    While at work I can quickly and easily open an SSH tunnel forwarding ports 3483 and 9000 and listen to music using squeezelite and control everything with the regular web interface.

    Using the phone, I can open an SSH tunnel forwarding ports 3483 and 9000 and listen to music using the "Squeeze Player" app. The problem is I can't control what is playing without the controller app. Trying to use the web interface on a tiny phone is useless.

    You can't tell the controller app where the server is, right?

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    This is Android?
    The Controller required UDP broadcasts to work between the networks to find the server and you can't enter a server a address manually.

    You'd have to use one of the other controller Apps for Android which allow manual server configuration like SqueezeCommander, OrangeSqueeze or SqueezeControl.

    They work better anyway....
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    The other controllers for Android, for example Squeeze commander allow you to manually enter the address for LMS. I use my DynDns address and control via SC

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