I have been using Cast to UPNP to shoot music from Google Play Music (via browser and phone) to LMS which then syncs it and plays it via 2 PC's running SoftSqueeze, a Boom, and an old Android phone repurposed into a Squeezebox connected to stereo.

I have no problems syncing and for the most part everything works EXCEPT I can not get more than one song to play at a time. I followed the recommendations from cast to UPNP FAQ including installing Whitebear.

I really couldn't find any good answers how to properly get Whitebear setup. My understanding is the UPNP plugin for LMS isn't reliable and many blame it for the one song at a time issue. So Whitebear replaces that functionality.

So my question is, after installing Whitebear am I supposed to uncheck "UPnP/DLNA Media Interface"? Since Whitebear should now be my UPNP plugin??? If so, my problem is once I do that, all my Squeeze players disappear from Cast to UPNP. I tried rebooting everything and they never re-appeared until i check the media interface plugin again. As soon as I check that though, everything works again but only one song at a time.