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    LMS 7.8 - No plugins...

    The last couple of builds I made from 7.8.0 git produced some missing strings, e.g. PLUGIN_MY_APPS_MODULE_NAME . The logfile contains entries like:

    Slim::Utils::Strings::string (490) Error: missing string MUSICMAGIC_DESC
    Also (and maybe related) I do not get to see any plugins. The Settings > Plugins page is essentially empty:

    Logitech Media Server includes some plugins that you can use with your remote or in the web interface. You can choose to enable or disable individual plugins below.
    Note: You will need to restart the application to see the effect of these changes.
    As far as I can see all plugins are installed correctly. Any idea what's going wrong?

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    Did you ever fix this? I have exactly the same scenario on 7.9.2 nightly 1557550305_i386.deb
    Hardware: 3x Touch, 1x Radio, 2x Receivers, 1 HP Microserver NAS with Debian+LMS 7.9.0
    Music: ~1300 CDs, as 450 GB of 16/44k FLACs. No less than 3x 24/44k albums..

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