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  • For sale: Boom + Touch. Both absolutely functional though not 10/10.


    I've moved to Raspberry Pi based audio as I can still use the wonderful Squeezebox ecosystem, but with better WiFi. So I have for sale a Boom that that I used in the bedroom that works well, caveats are the display is a bit dim and the WiFi doesn't always catch the signal. I ignored...
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  • Changing FIX WiFI credentials managed by PiCorePlayer

    How can I change the fixed wifi credentials of my PiCoreplayer running on a Pi Zero into managed by PiCorePlayer itself
    Is this possible. Got a little stuck;
    Present warning is off course: "Wifi configuration manually maintained by user not piCorePlayer."

    If I update...
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  • DLG
    started a topic Choose Network not working

    Choose Network not working


    My Touch is not connecting to WiFi. If I go to "Choose Network", it does not "click through". It has previously worked perfectly well on this network - and I have not changed anything about the setup.

    The Touch does work with Ethernet - but...
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  • Bristow
    started a topic Perte wifi sur SB Radio

    Perte wifi sur SB Radio

    Bonsoir à tous,

    Depuis quelques semaines, je perds le wifi de manière aléatoire (surtout la nuit) sur une squeezebox wifi, la seule que je fais fonctionner par ce moyen (les autres sont branchées en ethernet).

    Je n'ai rien changé sur mon réseau wifi.

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  • askarian
    started a topic Raspberry PI1 - WN725N V3 Issue

    Raspberry PI1 - WN725N V3 Issue

    Hello everyone,

    im coming from MoodeAudio and have had installing the correct driver for the TP-Link WN725N V3 (RealTek RTL8188eus) there.
    Now im struggling with tinyCoreOS which is included in piCorePlayer.
    I also tried the Utility for compiling out of tree kernel moduels...
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  • Frequently buffering, cannot connect to server LMS v8.2.0 SIMPLE ANSWERS ONLY PLEASE

    Have not changed my WiFi unit, location, or radio location.

    Since latest update my music is frequently interrupted. Sometimes it picks up where it left off, or goes to the next song or beyond. Control of the unit through the knobs and buttons has severe lag.

    I have...
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  • Bristow
    started a topic Connexion via portail captif

    Connexion via portail captif

    Bonjour à tous,

    Je souhaitais savoir s'il est possible de se connecter avec une Squeezebox Radio sur un wifi ouvert mais qui nécessite une connexion via un portail captif (donc disposer d'un navigateur pour cliquer ou écrire un login / mot de passe).

    Merci d'avance si...
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  • shiftux
    started a topic wifi failing after router upgrade

    wifi failing after router upgrade

    i have a multi-room setup using raspberry PIs as LMS and piCore streaming slim devices, hooked up to different speakers/stereos.
    this is (was) actually working like a charm.
    however now i updated my router picore is no longer able to connect to the wifi anymore...
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  • Srd11
    started a topic squeezebox touch wifi issues (unifi)

    squeezebox touch wifi issues (unifi)


    (also posted on unifi networking forums)

    Long term Squeezebox and unifi networking user. No issues with squeezebox touch connecting to my normal unifi access points (ac-pro).
    Recently added an additional unifi nanoHD access point. All other clients 'close' clients...
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  • Virginmedia SH3 and Apple Airport as AP?

    This is a long post but my question is straight forward. Can I get Apple Airport extreme to join (or extend) to the Virginmedia broadband router?
    If so, will another Apple express connect to the same network as an AP?

    I'm in UK and on a 100mbps fibre cable modem/router. The wireless...
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  • piCorePlayer wifi fails when selecting radio stream

    > The docker suggestion is interesting though. I had come across the
    > thread you mentioned and tried that container, it almost brought my NAS
    > to its knees - swallowed GBs of RAM. Maybe I had set something up
    > incorrectly but my fix was to simply choose a different container.
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  • piCorePlayer 6.0.1 Raspberry Pi 3B WiFi Issue with Static IP


    Running piCorePlayer 6.0.1 on a Raspberry Pi 3B - no problems when using DHCP.
    I have a 256GB flash drive connected to the Pi and I can use the WiFi interface to control the LMS server running on the Pi and stream to stereo BT speakers.

    BUT when using static IPs,...
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  • Two wifi's, players can see LMS only on one

    Several years ago my Xfinity cable modem was replaced with one that has wifi. I kept my original wifi, as they broaden my access area. I can connect my players to the original wifi and can play music from my LMS, but cannot access the server from the cable modem wifi.

    Here is my setup:...
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  • GreenSloth
    started a topic Duet set up

    Duet set up

    Hi all

    I'm a long time Squeezebox user (SB3, Touch, Radio) but have just got a Duet. I've set up the Controller, it's on the wireless network and I can see and control Logitech Media Center on the Pi, but I'm having trouble getting the Receiver set up...
    following the instructions...
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  • Thank you and help diagnosing stuttering

    Hi there - first off I want to thank everyone for making piCoreplayer. My old chrome castaudio died and I replaced it with a raspberry pi running piCore and the outcome is so much better! I use stream airplay audio and spotify audio to it - and it works well. I really appreciate the work everyone has...
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