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  • leinster-lad
    started a topic SqueezeBox Boom VFD Display

    SqueezeBox Boom VFD Display

    Hi Guys,
    I have managed to locate supply of the MN16032GB VFD from the manufacturer in Japan. (roughly $80 each, plush shipping )

    I am about to order a couple for my own boom repairs.

    If you are quick, I should be able to add a few more to my order if anyone needs...
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  • kezz
    started a topic Boom Ethernet replacement jack?

    Boom Ethernet replacement jack?

    My Boom fell off a shelf with the Ethernet still attached,

    It landed on a bed so the rest of the unit is completely fine, but unfortunately the Ethernet jack is completely inoperable. It doesn't click anymore, and when I turn off Wi-Fi I am unable to connect over it even with the plug...
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  • pyoorkate
    started a topic Help with dead Squeezebox 2
    in DIY

    Help with dead Squeezebox 2


    I picked up a selection of dead Squeezebox / Squeezebox 2's off e-bay a while ago. The Squeezeboxes were fairly easy to resurrect, either having dead power supplies or the notorious dead Wi-Fi card problems. The Squeezebox 2 is proving to be a bit more recalcitrant though.
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  • banggun
    started a topic Question about RSSnews plugin

    Question about RSSnews plugin


    I'm new and this is my first post but I'm a long time user and still happily enjoying my squeezebox 3. Recently I've been using the RSS plugin to grab some information and display while my squeezebox is powered off. Unfortunately the plugin has the habit of scrolling the text even...
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  • Display fades to black a few seconds after power on

    After picking up my SB2 from the floor once again (a daily occurrence as our little one likes to pull the cables and drag it off the bedside table), finally the SB2 has, perhaps coincidentally, developed a fault. In almost all respects it works, connecting to SC, acting as a bridge for a DECT/SIP phone...
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