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  • PicorePlayer RPI4 - Touchscreen went Black !

    Hi All,
    Something weird happened with my setup few days ago.
    I m using a RPI4 with Picoreplayer and a 7" Touchscreen for years without issue.
    The RPI4 and the screen have separate PSU.

    The screen went completely black! The RPI is still working well.
    I checked...
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  • neubienaut
    started a topic pi4 pCP8.2.0 not booting fully

    pi4 pCP8.2.0 not booting fully

    I recently purchased a pi4 with Audiophonics DAC I-Sabre ES9038Q2M and touchscreen.
    I imaged pCP on SDcard. I am able to partially boot and get wifi.

    However, the boot process seems to hang at ntpd.
    It says
    Usage: ntpd [-dnqNw} ....

    I can get to...
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  • chicks
    started a topic piTouch
    in DIY


    A simple touchscreen controller, running the great piCorePlayer with Jivelite.

    4" Hyperpixel touchscreen, with pi Zero WH plugged directly in, using the 40-pin connector.
    Bolted to basic phone/tablet stand from Amazon.

    While it has a USB connector free for a...
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  • pCP - ADS7846 Touch.... but Y inverted

    I have a Kedei/waveshare ADS7846 + HDMI display which in config text has

    I run

    tc@piCorePlayer:~$ sudo TSLIB_TSDEVICE=/dev/input/event0 /usr/local/bin/ts_calibrate
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  • Jivelite does not appear on touchscreen


    I have a big problem. Yesterday, i reboot my Odroid with 3.2 TouchScreen and Jivelite does not want to appear on my touchscreen. Jivelite process is ok :

    root@SqueezeSdB:/opt# ps -fax | grep jivelite
    4773 pts/1 S+ 0:00 \_ grep –color=auto jivelite
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  • Experiences with Official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen with piCoreplayer

    1. The first touchscreen drove me nuts because I built and rebuilt it several times because of its apparently automatic or ghostly screen changes and touch commands. Finally someone posted that they were having the same problem and I realized it was a defective screen. Apparently the ghost in the...
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