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  • leinster-lad
    started a topic SqueezeBox Boom VFD Display

    SqueezeBox Boom VFD Display

    Hi Guys,
    I have managed to locate supply of the MN16032GB VFD from the manufacturer in Japan. (roughly $80 each, plush shipping )

    I am about to order a couple for my own boom repairs.

    If you are quick, I should be able to add a few more to my order if anyone needs...
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  • A1rwav3
    started a topic Ownership transfer

    Ownership transfer

    > Niiiice! So is there a way for me to reset the Squeezebox or is there
    > still a form of support by Logitech to get help in 2021?

    PM me your player's MAC address....
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  • Can't play an AAC stream on Squeezebox Boom + LMS 7.9.1 1521438894

    I am having problems with a particular stream from WOSU NPR station playing on my Sq Boom (plays fine on a Sq Radio btw). The stream seems to play for about 3 seconds and than stops (no audio the whole time). The Sq Boom screen shows "Problem: Can't open file for WOSU". I can see that the...
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  • macOS update - Players Fail to Connect to LMS

    Recently updated to macOS 10.13.4. Now cannot connect any of my Squeezebox players (BOOM and RADIO).

    Tried clean re-install of 7.9.1. Players connect to my but not to LMS.

    LMS appears to be running correctly. Accepts password and says connected...
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  • tuc
    started a topic Behavior of display

    Behavior of display

    Hi there,

    I am impressed that my Squeezebox Booms are still working - fingers crossed they will continue to do so for a long time still.

    I am experiencing behavior I don't understand and which is annoying for my bedside Boom:

    1. I have set the display to...
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  • cheztaz
    started a topic Good alternatives to Napster?

    Good alternatives to Napster?


    Since learning that Napster has changed its encryptions and no longer works on older models i.e. squeezebox Boom in the UK, does anyone know of any good alternatives please? Is Spotify the only one?

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  • tilok
    started a topic Boom wap2

    Boom wap2

    Have just purchased a Squeezebox Boom, the last one in stock in Papua New Guinea. I get as far as "Enter your WAP2 password" but it does not provide a cursor to start entering the characters. Is this a malfunction or am I missing something?
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  • Squeezebox boom will not connect to (again)

    This has been happening for a few weeks, now, after several years of (almost) flawless service.
    The Squeezebox Boom tells me that it cannot connect to

    I've done everything I can think of, for example turning off my wireless router / DSL modem, turning off the...
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  • Seeing some but not all iTunes music in LMS

    I've been using my Squeezebox Boom for a few years now and love it. It works fine with the LMS, but i just noticed that some of the albums that exist in iTunes are not appearing in LMS. These are not new albums - I've had them for a couple years or more. I've rescanned a couple times, but they still...
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  • abi
    started a topic Problem mit LastFm-Konto

    Problem mit LastFm-Konto


    Ich habe ein Problem mit meiner Squeezebox Boom: Ich habe ein neues LastFm-Konto und möchte meine Songs scrobbeln, die ich über Internet höre (via
    Jetzt ist dort aber immer noch mein altes LastFm-Konto drin, das ich leider nirgendwo ändern kann....
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  • Cannot update firmware, or listen to NAS- odd thing is that my SB Boom works fine!

    Well I got my new SB Radio from Amazon today. Unpacked it, set up, listened to internet radio. Then the trouble starts! I have a QNAP NAS running squeezebox- all works fine with my boom.

    As soon as I try to listen to NAS on my radio it tries to get a firmware update and then constantly...
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  • 10538
    started a topic Backup alarm not playing

    Backup alarm not playing

    I have two SBB's. The alarm worked fine for a long time and now is frequently silent. I have switched the two SBBs around and the behaviour is the same.

    The alarm is set to play BBC Radio 3 (I'm in the UK). It used to be that if this failed the backup alarm would come on. But in the past...
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  • Ausgeschaltete Squeezebox scrobblet Songs zu Last.FM

    Merkwürdiges Problem: Obwohl meine Squeezebox Boom ausgeschaltet ist, scrobblet SqueezeNetwork weiter Songs der letzten Station, die ich gehört habe, in Richtung Last.FM (siehe

    Dies ist seit ca. einer Woche der Fall.

    Hat jemand eine Er...
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  • SqueezeNetwork continues to scrobble to Last.FM although Squeezebox is turned of

    Strange problem: My Squeezebox Boom is turned off. But, as you can see on my Last.FM page (, SqueezeNetwork still continues to scrobble songs from the last station I listened to.

    This has been occurring for about a week now.

    Any explanations?
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  • Squeezebox Boom - Endlosschleife bei Firmwareupdate

    Hallo Zusammen!

    Ich hab ein grosses Problem... Ich kann mich nicht mehr mit dem SqueezeNetzwerk verbinden... Jedesmal will er ein Update machen und jedes mal erhalte ich die Meldung: "nb alloc failed slimproto"... Dann startet es neu und das Spiel geht von vorne los...
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