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  • lemen
    started a topic Picoreplayer / Shairport-sync

    Picoreplayer / Shairport-sync

    Hi all, would like to install a current Shairport-sync version on my picoreplayers so I can use Airplay 2. The current version of Shairport-sync is 3.3.7rc2, but it can only do Airplay 1. How should I proceed? Don't have a plan. Who can help?

    Thanks & greetings, Lemen
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  • tdave81
    started a topic Shairport Problem

    Shairport Problem

    Hello All,
    I'm a long time user of picoreplayer to stream audio from my LMS running on docker on my NAS.

    Now I'm trying to use it also as an airplay target but I'm facing some problems.
    What I've tried was to enable shairport inside tweaks from the web interface.
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  • ndemarco
    started a topic Picoreplayer Shairport volume control

    Picoreplayer Shairport volume control

    PiCorePlayer 4.0.0 More version info after the problem description

    When playing audio via Shairport, then stopping shairport and starting to play audio using Squeezelite, the volume available to Squeezelite is limited.

    I've done limited testing. It seems Squeezelite's maximum...
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  • Wolfy
    started a topic LMS Shairport Plugin Intall

    LMS Shairport Plugin Intall


    I have bin trying to install the ShairPort plugin created by StuartUSA ( but I cant get it to work. I have tried several times. I am not a master at UNIX/Linux just so you know. I am running a FreeNAS setup running 9.3 and I have installed...
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  • benum
    started a topic Need a little help updating a plugin

    Need a little help updating a plugin

    I'm currently working on modifying the most recent Shairport Plugin to include metadata and and transport control.

    I'm very new to perl and squeezebox development but thus far i've managed to get text metadata updating on my squeeze players.

    Every example of coverart handling...
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    started a topic Announce: ShairTunes Plugin

    Announce: ShairTunes Plugin


    I have created a plugin that integrates ShairTunes into LMS.

    You will need to build and install the shiarport_helper first and then install the plugin.

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  • Airplay / Shairport running directly on the SBR

    Hey there,

    a friend gifted me a used Squeezebox Radio. I'm just looking for things to do with it. What I've read it's possible to install the Shairport Library on a server / NAS where the Squeezebox Backend is running. But is there also a solution for running this component directly on...
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