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  • Roog
    started a topic Up-cycled Sony TC-209 SD cassette deck
    in DIY

    Up-cycled Sony TC-209 SD cassette deck

    Hi, I thought I would post my conversion of a ‘not working’ Sony TC-209 SD cassette deck into an audio streamer using a raspberry Pi running Picoreplayer, hardware including an official 7” touch screen and an Allo digione hat providing SPDIF output.

    My project was motivated by my...
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  • sciurius
    started a topic piCorePlayer - Consistent crashes

    piCorePlayer - Consistent crashes


    For a while now I'm encountering problems with piCorePlayer. It stops (disconnects, crashes) after a short while, often 30 minutes, sometimes an hour or so.

    Running piCorePlayer 7.0.0 (32bit) on 512Mb RPi1. Upgraded to 8.0.0, no avail. Fresh install of 8.0.0, no avail....
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  • Peachtree Nova 150, piCore Player, and VortexBox squeezelite setup with USB

    Just jotting my notes down about getting my Peachtree Nova 150 v2 (purchased ~9/2019) to be the DAC for my living room setup.

    (Former setup used my Slim Devices Transporter and S/PDIF to the Nova; the Transporter is flaking out, so it's time to remove it.)

    I'm sure there...
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  • Sync issues RPi 4 and Squeezebox 1

    Hello I recently got my Squeezebox 1s up and running (amazingly they still work well!). I add a Raspberry Pi 4 with a HifiBerry Amp2 and piCorePlayer, running Squeezelite. Everything works well, but the sync is off between the Squeezebox Classic and the RPi 4.
    The whole system is: RPi4 server...
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  • Squeezelite on rPi 3 suddenly not working

    Hi all,

    Today I'm suddenly having problems with squeezelite running on a rPi3. Everything looks right, but there's no audio output. If it's at all relevant, I've enabled the visualisation output (-v) and there's no PCM data being output either (the file where the PCM data is output to is...
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  • mxjelle
    started a topic Running both pCP and LMS in RAM on RPI3

    Running both pCP and LMS in RAM on RPI3

    > So is there any way, to keep this property when the RPI is both running
    > pCP and LMS? Maybe the LMS writes can be moved to e.g. an attached USB
    > stick?

    The USB stick will suffer the same risk of getting corrupted as the SD
    card does. It won't solve that problem....
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  • Possible to install pCP headless on a RPi?

    Hi all, is it possible to install pCP attached to an ethernet cable so that a DHCP server can be reached but without a display?
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  • Pandora MP3 Stuttering/Distorted, Local mp3's fine

    After hours of troubleshooting, I'm posting for help as I think I've exhausted my ability to solve; using LMS v7.9.1 on x86_64 platform, connected to multiple RPi3 players running LibreELEC and Squeezelite v1.9.2-1165, outputting to HDMI. Local media mp3s play perfectly, FLAC files via Spotty play...
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  • one particular Player not found - tried reset router LMS reinstalled player FW

    Hi all.

    Just installed Volumio and Squeezelite on my Pi3+ today.

    However, after I've activated squeezelite plugin on Volumio, I still don't see my Pi in LMS(installed on my Synology NAS), nor in iPeng.

    In contrast, I have a Logitech Transporter and it has...
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  • rdb
    started a topic piCorePlayer in a 2005 Apple iPod HiFi
    in DIY

    piCorePlayer in a 2005 Apple iPod HiFi

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a little advice. I found an old Apple iPod HiFi at a thrift store for cheap and I'm looking to remove the ancient 30pin FW connector and install a small piCorePlayer+DAC inside the box.

    The stock HiFi power supply outputs the following:

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  • gbcambridge
    started a topic WMA files not playing back

    WMA files not playing back

    I am using a Raspberry Pi Model 3 as a host for piCorePlayer. Today I downloaded the latest version, 4.1which I understood now supports WMA files. However, when I try to play them it just freezes.
    I had the impression that the system would ask me if I wanted the extra files to support...
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  • BBC IPlayer runs late and slow

    I had the same problem for around 36 hours, then the delay disappeared. So
    it must have been a BBC issue, rather than the iPlayer plugin.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: plugins-bounces (AT) lists (DOT)
    [mailtolugins-bounces (AT) lists (DOT)...
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  • HELP! LMS cannot find server media files (Raspberry PI/Max2Play)

    I've tried everything I can think of. M2P says filesystem mount is successful. I can see the files via Windows 10 laptop, so I know they're there. Password is correctly entered in M2P. I've tried every combination of every setting I can come up with ... no joy. AFA I can tell, files are there to...
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  • Rnee
    started a topic Newbie: no music/files on PCP3.2

    Newbie: no music/files on PCP3.2

    Hi all,

    Just a few days ago, I discovered pcp and would like to replace openelec on a rpi3, just to use it as a musicplayer.
    I installed as a combined LMS server and Squeezebox player and I'm using squeezer on Android to control the system.

    At first I tried to connect...
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  • Can't connect to LMS through browser

    I am (was?) running Squeezeplug 7.5 on Rpi model B, with the fantastic additions from bpa/triode to (mostly) listen live to BBC in the UK. A recent power-cut corrupted my SD card (second or third time this has happened over ~18 months...), and wanted to get it working again. This is what I did:
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