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  • Superkikim
    started a topic Just wanna share my joy

    Just wanna share my joy

    Happy owner of a Transporter since... well... quite some time now... I bought it in US, perhaps 10 years ago or more....

    About two years ago, the power supply gave up on me... I head no idea where to bring it for repair... And it stays on a shelve talking dust. I built a RPI3 with Hifiberry...
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  • myvinyl333
    started a topic Who repairs Squeezebox Touch ?

    Who repairs Squeezebox Touch ?

    I've got one I'd sell if you don't manage to get it repaired. It should be
    ready to go as I got it prepped to sell on craigslist, but only one of two
    of them sold.



    On Thu, Jun 24, 2021 at 12:42 PM myvinyl333 <...
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  • Squeezebox Classic (SB3) Repair Considerations

    On Sun, 6 Jan 2019 07:34:13 +0000, madpad wrote:
    > philippe_44 wrote:
    >> Chris?

    > Yes to: chris (at) so his name is Chris as it seems. ;-)

    Yes, it is :-). Got your mail, will answer soon....

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  • Squeezebox v3 (Classic) remote repair kit

    Two of my five SB3 remotes died recently and another was only partly functional (some buttons not working), due to bad PCBs, so I had little choice but to design and have made a new PCB to repair them.

    In case anyone else is in the same boat, I have made my boards available, pre-assembled...
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  • Fix for spuriously rebooting Transporter

    For a couple of months, my Transporter would spuriously reboot itself as if it had lost power completely - relays clicking, logo scrolling, etc.

    Not finding anything directly relevant through Google searches other than a vague reference to the DC power supply being a cheap Chinese switcher,...
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  • What part is this that burned (photos included)? TIA

    This is a follow up to a topic for my radio that was ticking but would not power up. The commercial repair joint charged $25 to tell me "it won't power on and the parts are not available." Duh.

    I found a board-level repair person who took it apart and we can SEE what burned. The...
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  • bongo23
    started a topic Part number for the DC jack on an SB3
    in DIY

    Part number for the DC jack on an SB3

    Not really DIY, unless you count repairs, but does anyone know the Digikey or Maplin part number for the DC input jack on an SB3? Mine appears to be causing the device to reboot sporadically.
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  • arlenm
    started a topic Lightning damage to Squeezebox 3 - repaired!
    in DIY

    Lightning damage to Squeezebox 3 - repaired!

    My first posting here, I'm hoping it can help others with this problem.

    This is how I repaired a Squeezebox 3 that was damaged by lightning.

    My SB3 went dark during a violent lightning storm (despite the "protection" of a surge arrester at the power outlet). ...
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  • big_D
    started a topic Transporter schematics or repair
    in DIY

    Transporter schematics or repair

    Hi all,

    My beloved logitech Transporter went bust. It keeps blowing fuses so I suspect there is a problem with the transformers and hopefully nothing further. Does anyone have schematics for the Transporter? I may try to repair it myself.

    Alternately, does anyone know of...
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  • Possible to revive bricked Squeezebox classic?

    I am still relatively new to squeezebox, and am on the look for the classic devices.
    there are some on ebay that are advertised as "tested and not working" such as this one
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  • tvontheradiohead
    started a topic New jumper cable for Transporter
    in DIY

    New jumper cable for Transporter


    I was wondering if someone could help me.

    In my "wisdom", I opened the transporter in order to unblock the stuff buttons. i fixed that problem, but managed however to break a tiny plastic bit from the end of the connector for the jumper cable which connects...
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  • pauln2218
    started a topic SBR Parts: Grille? Knobs?

    SBR Parts: Grille? Knobs?

    One of my SBR units was damaged during a move. I am looking for a replacement speaker grille, and the volume & navigation knobs. The volume comtrol spindle is broken as well, but I may be able to re-connect that with some epoxy. However, I'd ideally like to be able to solder a whole new part...
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  • How to open SB3 remote (black candybar)?

    A familiar tale it seems, from searching the forums: My SqueezeBox remote dropped to the floor today, and though suffering no visible external damage, it no longer works. I've read a few posts about breakage of the IR LED leads, which should be easy enough for me to fix, but I can't figure out how to...
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  • rmadams
    started a topic Replacement U11 for Squeezebox
    in DIY

    Replacement U11 for Squeezebox

    Does anyone know a part number and source for Squeezebox part U11? My daughter's beloved SB quit working last week, and it looks like it burned out (badly enough that I can't read the part numbers.)

    I would have a very happy 11-year old if I get it working again!
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