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  • sbp
    started a topic Announce: piCorePlayer 3.00

    Announce: piCorePlayer 3.00

    21 august. If you have used pCP3.00 before this date, please start from fresh again with a new download of pCP3.00.

    We had some nasty bugs which are fixed:
    • hifiberry DACs are now working
    • Buffer settings are now working
    • User commands are now working

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  • jorgerivera
    started a topic 7.8 official release plans?
    in Beta

    7.8 official release plans?

    Hi everyone,

    Months ago I saw a post about Logitech not planning an official release of LMS 7.8. However, I have not seen any updates on the topic in quite a while.

    So, are there any new plans to make LMS 7.8 official anytime?


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  • [ANNOUNCE] Squeezeslave: 1.2 released

    The final Squeezeslave release 1.3-393 is now available on sourceforge.

    What's new in Squeezeslave 1.2-311

    Output device selection by name (-n/--name)

    See this post for usage details.

    Updated -l/--lcd LCDd (lcdproc) option to use Priorities...
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  • MrSinatra
    Guest started a topic 7.6 or 8.0?
    in Beta

    7.6 or 8.0?

    given the huge amount of changes, i am hoping 7.6 will actually be called 8.0 when released.

    i am still hoping for an April Fools day release, but thats looking less likely now i suppose, anyone else care to guess?
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  • [ANN] Squeemote 1.3.4 approved for sale

    I'm happy to announce that Squeemote 1.3.4 has been approved for sale and should be available on the App Store shortly. This release contains numerous fixes and improvements.

    Here is the change log:

    * In response to user feedback, Squeemote has an updated control mechanism;...
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  • [ANN] Squeemote 1.2, now with device sync!

    Thanks to a quick turnaround from Apple this week (only three days), I'm happy to announce that Squeemote 1.2 is now available. The biggest feature in this release is the new quick device selector and device sync functionality. There is also some added extras such as browse by genre and other UI tweaks,...
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