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  • Pappi
    started a topic Radio on battery - not playing

    Radio on battery - not playing

    Hi, even though I have had squeezeboxs for around 12 years It’s not until now I wanted to play music on a radio with battery pack.

    No sound, directly if attached power supply it’s starting to play.

    The battery bar is full but I guess it something is fishy. Reading in...
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  • cameron sino replacement battery for Logitech Radio

    Hey y'all,

    This is a 2000 mAh battery that for sale at amazon and other sellers.

    Model Number: Cameron Sino CS-LSR533RC

    Website for purchase:

    "AtBatt" is selling it shipped for roughly...
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  • dave77
    started a topic Radio and battery

    Radio and battery

    Just got my new Radio, great piece of kit so far, much smaller than I thought it would be!

    I got the free accessory pack with it, probably won't use the battery until summer so was wondering if it's safe to leave the battery in all the time whilst on ac power or is it best to just put...
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  • ply3908
    started a topic Standby with Battery Pack?

    Standby with Battery Pack?

    I found that my SB won't stay in standby mode (press power button, digital clock) with battery only. The SB will turn itself off after few minutes. Is this by design to save the battery life? If so, the SB can't use battery as backup power for alarm.
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  • EriCal
    started a topic Battery Life of Squeezebox Radio

    Battery Life of Squeezebox Radio

    I like my Squeezebox boom very much and would like to have the portable, battery-powered capability of the radio.

    How long does the battery charge last? That is how long between charging?

    If left on until the battery dies, will the programming be wiped out?
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  • SirVilhelm
    started a topic Where to order battery pack?

    Where to order battery pack?

    Ok, maybe I am blind but I cannot find the battery pack anywhere on Logitech's site. Can someone point me in the right direction?


    Never mind, I am completely blind! haha. Found it.
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  • Does the radio charge it's battery when in real off state ?

    By real off, pressing the power button for a long time .

    I do want it to charge but not to be on or "off" (as in soft off) as it charges in ir range from my main hifi...

    It does have the very annoying and senseless behavior to boot up ? when you insert the dc...
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  • marklemsn
    started a topic DIY Squeezebox Radio battery
    in DIY

    DIY Squeezebox Radio battery

    I have read the various threads about making your own battery pack and can't find anywhere the exact spec for the thermistor. I know that it is a 10k NTC type but I also need the 'Beta value' to specify it exactly.

    The instructions at
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  • Radio battery dead on arrival from logitech

    I sent my father two radios as a gift and one of them arrived with the battery severely damaged (see image).

    He said the package (not the shipping box) was opened, from what he says it sounds like the device was in this condition when it left logitech. The radio itself is fine (so far)....
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  • AndyH68
    started a topic Lack of battery

    Lack of battery

    I'm annoyed Logitech don't make it clear that this so called "portable" radio doesn't come with the battery included. It wouldn't be so bad if I could use standard batteries. So not only do I have to buy their proprietary battery, I now have to wait to get it online, and to top all that it...
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  • iPhone
    started a topic Australia SB Radio Accessory Paks

    Australia SB Radio Accessory Paks

    If you live Down Under and wish to get a SB Radio Accessory Pack (Battery and Remote), feel free to send me a PM. I am ordering SB Radio Accessory Paks for some fellow Squeezeboxers in Canada and might as well see if anybody else needs one.

    The cost for Australia is USD $78 covering the...
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  • Rikk
    started a topic Battery pack ordered!

    Battery pack ordered!

    Right now I checked on Logitech page and the battery was given as available (Italy), so I ordered it. Hope it was a real availability...
    Anyone with fresh news about battery delivery?
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  • 'Full off' bug and consequent battery power problems

    My radio’s ‘full off’ mode (ie holding down the power button for more than 2 seconds until the ‘Goodbye’ message appears) has never worked properly. The Radio doesn’t stay off, but within a few seconds starts its ‘on’ sequence spontaneously (the Logitech logo, the ‘Free your Music’...
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  • Waldo Pepper
    started a topic Squeeze Radio batteries

    Squeeze Radio batteries

    I have read a few threads on making your own packs for the SBR and am a little confused.

    Are we sure they are Nicad/NiMH?

    LiOn cells have been used in portable kit for many years and require a completely different charging regime compared to NiCad/NiMH cells.
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    started a topic Phantom Battery Indicator?

    Phantom Battery Indicator?

    I don't have a battery installed in my SB Radio but every so often the battery icons appear on the status bar (full charge, partial, no charge) and the radio beeps. Then the icons go away. Right now the only indicators are play, current time and wifi, but then the battery icons come back for a few...
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