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  • doobre
    started a topic Radio strange behaviour on

    Radio strange behaviour on

    Radio Firmware Version: 7.7.3-r16676

    I have taken a SBradio to a different location without a running LMS, So I was going to rely on
    At first the radio would not connect, [red wifi symbol showing], I did a factory reset and it connected, [white wifi symbol], and at
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  • ParkD
    started a topic Accessing local radio station - help

    Accessing local radio station - help

    My wife streams a local radio (Austin City Limits Radio 97.1) station on her laptop while she's working. Her MacBook speakers are OK, but I told her that I could get one of my old Duets out of the garage and set up a much better sounding solution for her. She shrugged her shoulders and...
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  • Radio stations url source/radio-browser project

    I’m having trouble finding many of the radio stations I enjoy in PiCorePlayer. Where does it cut its source of URL – radio station matchings from? Is it a database which it would be possible to update ourselves? I’m not suggesting we all keep our individual list of URLs which can get very tiresome...
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  • TomS
    started a topic SBR: Need a new battery - suggestions?

    SBR: Need a new battery - suggestions?

    I know there are older threads asking this, but looking for any current experience with replacement batteries for the Radio.

    Thanks for any recommendations

    (in USA)
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  • Bristow
    started a topic Perte wifi sur SB Radio

    Perte wifi sur SB Radio

    Bonsoir à tous,

    Depuis quelques semaines, je perds le wifi de manière aléatoire (surtout la nuit) sur une squeezebox wifi, la seule que je fais fonctionner par ce moyen (les autres sont branchées en ethernet).

    Je n'ai rien changé sur mon réseau wifi.

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  • Squeezebox Devices for sale, I'd like to see them go to community members

    After many years of happily using Squeezebox, I have migrated my home to Sonos (sorry!).

    I have lots of Squeezebox hardware that I'd like to see go to community members, ideally developers who might need more devices to test so they can continue supporting the community. [edit: I'm located...
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  • Remote access: server update required?

    I gave a squeezebox radio to my daughter who is in another city. The idea is that she can connect remotely.

    Here are the steps that were taken:
    - opening the ports on my router
    - re-installation of the squeezebox
    - connecting to the wifi
    - connection to
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  • Turn SueezeBox Radio off through ssh (no LMS!)

    >>> So in this case I am only searching for the shell-command for turning
    >>> the box off (or maybe sleep?) - please see Post #1.

    >> Why don't you use the web UI?

    > Because I can not enter shell commands there.

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  • Which factors determine streams served to different geographical locations?

    > I understand well how this works for non-Squeezebox streaming, for
    > example when streaming video such as Netflix. But, when it comes to
    > hardware- and software-players in the LMS sphere, I am not so clear on
    > what the factors are that determine which streams are available
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  • Can't connect to remote server when using HTTPS

    > I also found lmscommunity/logitechmediaserver on the dockerhub, but this
    > image does not show up on my qnap docker station.

    Can't you do a search for images there?

    > I am still trying to figure if IO::Socket::SSL is container related or
    > QNAP OS
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  • not linked to Squeezebox Radio

    Good day all, does not control or mirror anything on my Squeezebox Radio.

    The favourites and podcasts shown do not reflect whats on the Radio. Add or changing anything on is not reflected on the radio. The
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  • Radio dropping connection to LMS

    > I've got 4 Squeezebox Radios connected to an LMS 8.0.0 on a Synology
    > DS218play.
    > Recently I had to shut down my NAS. After that 3 of 4 Radios drop the
    > connection to the LMS.

    Did you happen to install DSM7 or the Perl update for DSM6? They both
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  • Bristow
    started a topic Connexion via portail captif

    Connexion via portail captif

    Bonjour à tous,

    Je souhaitais savoir s'il est possible de se connecter avec une Squeezebox Radio sur un wifi ouvert mais qui nécessite une connexion via un portail captif (donc disposer d'un navigateur pour cliquer ou écrire un login / mot de passe).

    Merci d'avance si...
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  • phamilton
    started a topic Radio Stations ALL Go dead

    Radio Stations ALL Go dead

    Hi Folks

    I am running a new install @ Version: 8.1.1 - 1610364019

    The problem: ALL radio stations go dead. By dead i mean: in some cases I select the radio Station, it "plays" but no sound comes out. Songs even change every few minutes but no sound. In some other...
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  • Hi-Res FLAC Conversion to Radio

    I'm curious about what's going on with FLAC conversion to a SB Radio, hope someone can clear this up. In playing FLAC 24/96 (or higher), LMS is seemingly converting to 24/48 FLAC (max supported by SB Radio), per this command which I extracted from the transcoder/server logs:

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