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  • Bluetooth problem (piCorePlayer + Topping D10s)

    Hi everybody, I'm new in this forum.

    I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with piCorePlayer v8.2.0, linux 5.15.35-pcpCore-v8 (64), piCore v13.2 and Squeezelite v1.9.9-1403-pCP connected to a Topping D10s.

    Using squeezelite I don't have any problem playing music but I don't get sound...
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  • Duet receiver booting issues (stuck in loop)

    Hi all,

    I have a duet receiver that I cannot get to connect to the controller and internet. The receiver button lights up red for about 5 seconds then turns off for half a second and then lights up again. The receiver stays in this loop. It doesn't help pressing and holding the button....
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  • BertieFilibuster
    started a topic Artist Search Issue

    Artist Search Issue

    Hi All

    Apologies if this has come up before but I couldn't find an answer. I've got a peculiar problem with artist search. When I do a quick search and advanced search the results are returned as expected. But when I do search I get the same odd results no matter what I put in. See screenshots...
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  • Can anyone please provide me a valid URL for NPR??

    The network streams are not public. Affiliates are on a secure network
    with credentials. The public can only access affiliates streams or

    Get the podcasts, or get an east coast station like WGBH


    On Thu, Aug 15, 2019, 12:52 bpa <bpa.94tx8o...
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  • Squeezebox Classic not able to retain connection to


    Looking for some help to resolve a problem that developed recently on my Squeezebox Classic (Slim Device version).

    Don't have a LMS. I connect through
    I have 2 duets and a SB radio working fine.

    My Classic keeps losing its connection...
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  • MrClive
    started a topic Problem can't open file for:

    Problem can't open file for:

    I'm running a SB Boom and SB Touch off a PI2 that has Max2Play installed on it and when I try and select anything on Spotify (via Spotty). I've just started getting the following error message.

    Problem can't open file for:

    I can play locally store music, but can't get anything...
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  • Squeezebox Classic keeps rebooting mid-song

    I have Squeezebox Classic with firmware v137 which I believe is the newest version. It's on my local WLAN with good signal strength. I used it as a speakerless nightstand clock for a long time, but now I moved it to my media center PC so I can play my music collection through it again....
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  • LMS v7.9 wrongly shows songwriters/composers instead of artists

    I have LMS v7.8 running on a RPi B with Raspbian on it.
    Everything worked perfectly until I decided to try another OS (DietPi) which easily installs v7.9 of LMS.
    The problem with this is that remote apps like "Squeezer" and "Squeeze remote" won't show...
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  • LMS 7.9 Probleme beim abspielen von m4a (iTunes) Musik


    Ich nutze den LMS 7.9.0, derzeit die Nightly 1456293066 auf einem ODROID XU4. Dort habe ich das iTunes Modul aktiviert,
    da ich meine ganzen CDs mal in iTunes gerippt hatte. Daher liegen diese im AAC Format vor. Die Files liegen auf einer Festplatten,
    die direkt an...
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  • Cage_and_Fish
    started a topic Napster-Problem



    wir haben ein UE Smart Radio (Squeezebox Radio mit upgedatetem UE Smart Radio Betriebssystem) und haben mein Napster-Konto dort registriert. Hat bis jetzt perfekt funktioniert. Titel suchen, zur Bibiliothek hinzuf├╝gen, abspielen - alles o.k.

    Seit 3 Tagen nun...
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  • Re-enable custom screen saver (Michael Herger's "Zeit in Worten")

    Sp I updated the LMS running on my NAS to 7.7.3; afterwards also on my Touch to 7.7.3. Everything went fine.
    The only thing I can't figure out is how to enable the "Zeit in Worten" screen saver again that I had running before (it's a German text clock).
    I removed and reinstalled...
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  • Playlists with FLAC files appear empty when added to favorites

    Hi, I've had a problem with my Squeezebox Radio running on:

    Logitech Media Server Version: 7.7.2 - r33893 @ Wed Mar 14 06:31:06 MDT 2012
    Operating system: Red Hat - EN - utf8
    Platform Architecture: x86_64-linux
    Perl Version: 5.10.1 - x86_64-linux-thread-multi
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  • BrynClarke
    started a topic not working not working does not work for me despite being on 7.7.2 of LMS and 1.0 of the plugin. Some playlists would play, others (I only had 3 of my own) returned Classical_error_parse. I made some changes to My. Playlists on Classical.Com, and removed and re-setup my account in LMS - now My...
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  • Volume control number changes, volume does not.


    New to the community. I have three SQ3s v3 linked to a vortexbox-based server. Two are wireless, one is wired only.

    I've recently moved my wired SQ3 to a new location and hooked up some headphones to it. It had previously been feeding a preamp as a line level input,...
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  • Ney
    started a topic Issue with controller screen

    Issue with controller screen

    I have a weird issue with one of my controllers. Once in a while after the screen turns off due to the power saving it wont turn on again no matter what i do! I can still use the controller to navigate, pause change albums (which is hard when you cannot see) etc, so everything works.
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