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  • Yvanq
    started a topic Bluetooth 5 support on Picoreplayer 8.2

    Bluetooth 5 support on Picoreplayer 8.2

    Hello every body, I wish an happy new year to all of you.
    As the Pi4 has BT5 implemented (but unusable) with a range and rate so enhanced regarding to BT4,
    I would like to know if there is any project about supporting Bluetooth 5 on Picoreplayer.
    I know it should be an extension but...
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  • ser
    started a topic How do I deflate content()?

    How do I deflate content()?

    I decided to remove "support" for deflate, as it seems to have been
    broken for over a decade. I went back to 7.7, and it didn't work. Maybe
    this was supported when run on only.

    So I'd suggest you update to 8.3.1 or 8.4 (as soon as they're available)...
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  • Kiko!
    started a topic Qobuz plugin track names truncated

    Qobuz plugin track names truncated

    > I think this is a good idea to get more track information. Having it as
    > an option would be great!

    Check out v2.6.0 - the feature is disabled by default. You'll find the
    toggle in Settings/Advanced/Qobuz....
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  • mruddo
    started a topic DSTM Comments Mixer Idea

    DSTM Comments Mixer Idea

    My thoughts? Sounds interesting! That said: I doubt there are many Mixed
    In Key users out there... so unless you do this yourself for your own
    needs, there's little chance you'll find someone picking up the idea.

    Are you up for the challenge? Willing to learn some Perl, probably...
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  • LMS plugin allowing digital time delay

    I am new to LMS, wich I really enjoy and use with PcP on a RPi3.
    In my listening room, my left and right speakers have an axial dis-alignment (about 1 meter), depending from where I listen. So I would like to apply a time delay compensation of a few milliseconds to the closest of the...
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  • Native VPN Client Plugin for Squeezbox Radio


    First of all i wanna thank all of You for Your great support and keeping LMS alive an d up to date!

    I would like to ask if I can get a VPN-Connection directly between the SqueezeBox and my Router (Fritz!Box) without additional Hardware.

    Did someone...
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  • piCorePlayer 8.0.0 - Problem playing DSF files via UPnP

    Moved to 3rd Party Software Forum
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  • littla
    started a topic Updating a plugin for 8.x

    Updating a plugin for 8.x


    I have a plugin that worked fine under 7.x but will not load under 8.x. LMS sees it but in the Plugins tab reports "Plugin is incompatible with this version of Logitech Media Server".
    Is there some documentation (or can anyone give me some guidance) that could...
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  • Plugin directories and how to check in custom plugin?

    > so, i should map the folder /lms/Plugins then.....this worked. Perhaps
    > something to add to the docker config information

    "normal" users should never have to install plugins manually. That's
    usually only devs. But yeah, fair point about documenting it (and...
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  • Hifi-KS
    started a topic ARD-Audiothek


    > ich bin ein großer Fan der ARD-Audiothek (
    > Ist es möglich die Audiothek besser in LMS zu integrieren?

    Ja, ist es sicherlich. Müsste aber jemand ein Plugin entwickeln... Die
    Webseite scheint unter der Haupe ein ganz ok API zu verwenden,...
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  • Tidal plugin in - not all mood categories are showing

    > However, when I open the "Moods" sub-menu
    > on LMS, I do not see the same full list as when I'm using the native
    > Tidal App. The Tidal app presents me with
    > a list of 8 different moods:
    > Holiday, At Home, Workout, Party, Relax, Focus, Wellness, Romance
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  • d7ms
    started a topic Need VOCO plugin for LMS server

    Need VOCO plugin for LMS server

    I know VOCO is ancient technology, but it has worked for me until I had to reinstall the LMS on my Desktop.
    VOCO is no longer around and I am having trouble finding the plugin required to use my V-zones with the LMS.
    Would anyone be able to help me?
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  • Tidal plugin shows wrong durations of songs

    > Server Version: 8.0.0 - 1594451286 @ Sat Jul 11 09:16:58 CEST 2020
    > Tidal Version: 2.0

    Important changes to TIDAL and stream handling have been added recently.
    I'd suggest you wait a few hours and install the latest nightly then.
    Please report back should you...
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  • TonioRoffo
    started a topic Deezer HiFi 3rd party

    Deezer HiFi 3rd party

    Hey all,

    I'm currently running a 90 day trial of Deezer after the HiFi option dropped to €14.99.

    I'm fully aware that the Logitech deezer plugin (mysqueezebox) doesn't support HiFi, but only 320kB.

    Part of doing the 90 day trial was, for me, to look if...
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  • protocolhandler just stops playing... please help.

    > I'm returning true (1) for isRepeatingStream

    I think that's wrong: isRepeatingStream is being used by services where
    one URL would play a number of independent tracks. LMS then would at the
    end of every track ask the protocol handler to provide a new URL to get
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