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  • LMS "not running" in piCorePlayer LMS on Synology

    > But in PiCorecore player there's still this message:
    > LMS is not running (red cross)

    But that means that LMS is not running on the pCP itself, doesn't it? As
    it's running in Docker, that's ok.

    > I access both websites on my computer, no problems, except
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  • judojimmie
    started a topic LMS will not update in pCP.

    LMS will not update in pCP.

    I cannot find a solution to this anywhere else, if this has already been covered please redirect me. I am capable of following a tutorial but have limited ability with Linux commands so I have not been able to problem solve this on my own. I keep getting the following message when I try to update the...
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  • Hawaka
    started a topic NAS is not visible in LMS

    NAS is not visible in LMS

    > In the pCp settings is there an option available after vers=3 available
    > to set the user to LMS?

    I don't understand your question. You don't have to "set the user to
    LMS". You need the user to mount the share. That's what the
    user/password input fields...
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  • LMS Unresponsive to Ickstream Repository

    > I did read a post from 2005 stating that ickstream is dead, but many
    > more recent posts citing that ickstream is necessary to browse Tidal via

    ickStream has long been dead, and is not needed to use TIDAL. You should
    be fine with the LMS version you have....
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  • Playlist tracks duplicated in LMS library on PiCorePlayer

    Hey all!

    I recently converted from running LMS on a Windows PC to PiCorePlayer. I thought that I'd worked everything out but while running one of my favorite Dynamic Playlists (Erland's "Top Rated Tracks Not Recently Played"), I noticed that several tracks were repeating. I...
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  • PiCorePlayer 6.1.0 running LMS only - which flavour?

    I would I guess describe myself as an audiophile, and have for a few years run LMS on a Rpi 3 under PiCorePlayer, serving a Squeezebox Touch with external DAC, and a Duet in the kitchen. PiCorePlayer was at level 3.21 but I had to upgrade in order to fix some plugin issues so have upgraded to 6.1.0...
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