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  • Mixcloud plugin does not work on LMS 8.1.1

    hi folks,

    I am running LMS 8.1.1 on a Synology DSM 6.2.4.

    I have installed the mixcloud plugin but it does not work properly. no Idea what is missing.

    plugin loads well, i can see mymixcloud, see my subscriptions and can load tracks to the LMS player. I can see...
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  • clusterIV
    started a topic mixcloud stops playing

    mixcloud stops playing

    Picore player is comparable with Volumio. It is a great system for the raspberry pi. A problem that occurred after an update of the lms (8.3) there is a problem with the mixcloud plugin.
    Mixcloud does start playing music but after a few seconds mixcloud does quit playing. I did reinstall and...
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  • Plugins gone + no 'third party plugins' checkbox

    > Thanks. I will check the Synology thread. But as far as I see there is
    > no update available in the synology third party apps (package center).
    > (Maybe the thread answers this)

    Yeah, Synology discontinued support for LMS :-(

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  • echable
    started a topic LMS Mixcloud broken ?

    LMS Mixcloud broken ?

    On Logitech Media Server (installed on DietPi OS on an Odroid xu4 SBC) all plugins work, except Mixcloud, that currently returns a 404 not found for any of the links (My mixcloud, mixes, search, all of them). I've doublechecked I've pasted the right API key. Any tips ?
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  • jrwendt
    started a topic Mixcloud on Boom (and Squeezplay)

    Mixcloud on Boom (and Squeezplay)

    First of all thanks to everyone who is doing the work to keep my system going in the ever changing world of music streaming.
    Now the tech question. I cannot get the new Mixcloud plugin to work on my Boom player or SqueezePlay app. Works fine on my Touch. "Problem:Unable to play file type..."...
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  • Logfile flooded after starting any MixCloud track

    Finally got around to installing MixCloud and resolving a little issue with encoding MP4's I had. I noticed however that the MixCloud Track will not play for very long (a few minutes or so) before it stops. I checked the log file and find that upon playing a MixCloud track I get hundreds of these...
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