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  • sbp
    started a topic Announce: piCorePlayer 3.00

    Announce: piCorePlayer 3.00

    21 august. If you have used pCP3.00 before this date, please start from fresh again with a new download of pCP3.00.

    We had some nasty bugs which are fixed:
    • hifiberry DACs are now working
    • Buffer settings are now working
    • User commands are now working

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  • San
    started a topic Raspberry PI, Jivelite and a Griffin Powermate
    in DIY

    Raspberry PI, Jivelite and a Griffin Powermate


    I wanted to share a raspberry pi based player that I built. It's a Raspberry Model B with a HifiBerry DAC and TinyLCD mounted to provide a display. They stack together quite nicely, giving up to 24Bit/192Khz playback.

    and it sits ontop...
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  • Projektvorstellung: Classic Nachbau mit Squeezeslave und Raspberry Pi

    Hallo liebe Squeezebox-Freunde,

    dies ist mein erster Beitrag hier im Forum, obwohl ich schon sehr lange lesend aktiv bin.
    Ich bedauere die aktuellen Entwicklungen rund um Logitech und die Squeezeboxen. Viele Leute scheint das Squeezebox / UE Team ja nicht mehr zu sein.
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  • Control SB Touch with CD Player Remote

    I was wondering if it is at all possible to control the Touch with my Marantz amplifier/CD player remote? I've seen details of how to use IR Blaster to control an amplifier from the Touch, and how to program a universal remote to work with the Touch, but I want to program the Touch to listen to commands...
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