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  • dunq
    started a topic Hardware recommendation request

    Hardware recommendation request

    My trusty Duet Receiver has decided it will just random-red-flashing itself into history, so for the first time in, um, 15-ish years, I'm having to think about hifi equipment and my brain is hurting a bit at all the variables. I don't have golden ears, but aspire to at least bronze . Advice would...
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  • Qube : The Low Tech Speaker based on the Squeezelite-ESP32

    Hello everyone,

    You must be following the Squeezelite-ESP32 project if you are on this forum !
    The project is just awesome and it gave me the desire to create other uses from all its features. I want to sincerely thank all the Squeezelite-ESP32 team before going further 🙏....
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  • Free Squeezebox hardware (just pay for shipping)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    We have decommissioned our Logitech Squeezebox hardware and are looking for a home for it all. We have the following units in good working order:
    CLAIMED: Two (2) Squeezebox Duets (one new-ish...
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  • rdb
    started a topic piCorePlayer in a 2005 Apple iPod HiFi
    in DIY

    piCorePlayer in a 2005 Apple iPod HiFi

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a little advice. I found an old Apple iPod HiFi at a thrift store for cheap and I'm looking to remove the ancient 30pin FW connector and install a small piCorePlayer+DAC inside the box.

    The stock HiFi power supply outputs the following:

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  • Eric_2014
    started a topic Best way to expand your setup

    Best way to expand your setup

    Hey Squeezebox fans, this is an advertisement for an alternative, or add on, to your
    Squeezebox music set up.

    We manufacture a family of streaming audio products that are
    compatible with Logitech Media Server. If you enjoy your multi-room audio,
    but are having...
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  • GeezerD
    started a topic SB3 reboot loop -- hardware error?

    SB3 reboot loop -- hardware error?

    My old SB3 fails -- Starts OK from power on, but plays for a few minutes then crashes (blank screen) and reboots. Moved it around in house, changed power supplies, same results.

    Is this a common failure? Is it repairable? TIA

    Also have SB Touch and SB Boom, which run...
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  • Rocketman3
    started a topic Alternative Hardware to the Duet?

    Alternative Hardware to the Duet?


    I have had a Squeezebox Duet for about 2 or 3 years. During that time I have found it to be the most devastatingly bad decision I have ever made. I ws so confident of the system when I bought it that I digitised all my CD's and got rid of them. Since that time I have learnt that no...
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  • Erfahrungsbericht mit neuer Hardware für LMS (Vortexbox)


    ich möchte euch meine Erfahrung mit der Vortexbox und neuer Hardware erzählen. Ich hatte immer das Problem das mit meiner alten HW der LMS nach dem neu einscannen der Musik für 30 Minuten nicht zu gebrauchen war. Das war immer sehr nervig. Deshalb hatte ich mich entschlossen in...
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  • mftech
    started a topic Monture pour Squeezebox Touch

    Monture pour Squeezebox Touch

    Ma solution DIY pour un support pour la Squeezebox Touch....
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  • mftech
    started a topic DIY Bracket
    in DIY

    DIY Bracket

    Hi here's some photos and details about adding a bracket to my SB Touch.

    I decided to go with a microphone mount hardware.
    There is several mount and stand accessories available and personnaly I like this professional look and feel.
    Material consist of MDF, Microphone Mount...
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  • jimzak
    started a topic Ideal Server Computer?

    Ideal Server Computer?

    I've tried the following computers as servers for SBS:

    1. HP Slimline Pentium dual core (XP 32 bit, 2GB RAM)

    This worked fine with good performance and reasonable scan tims but I had concerns about energy usage.

    2. Emachines Atom, 1st gen, single core (XP 32...
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  • Schmiddy
    started a topic DiskStation: Empfehlung, SSODS, SBS

    DiskStation: Empfehlung, SSODS, SBS

    Hallo allerseits,

    momentan betreibe ich eine DS107+ (128MB) mit dem Original Synology SBS-Paket. Um die Performance zu erhöhen, überlege ich mir auf eine DS111 umzusteigen. Hierzu 1Mio Fragen ...

    1) Bringt die DS111 (insbesondere im WebInterface) deutliche Performance-Zuwächse,...
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  • SB3 suddenly dropping off wired network :(

    Hi all,

    After about a year of no problems with our Squeezebox 3 (it's one of the last Slim Devices branded units), it has stopped playing in the middle of a song and disappeared from the network twice, and I can't get it back today

    It's on a wired network, running from Squeezecenter...
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