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  • Gnq
    started a topic Playlists empty

    Playlists empty


    I'm running LMS 8.1.1 on Windows 10 on a new PC. The MP3 files are on a portable USB HD ( M: ) transferred from my old PC.
    Today I notice all my playlists are 'empty', even those newly created directly with the LMS web interface if and when the playlists are re-scanned.
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  • Incorrect entries (without content) in menus - LMS bug?


    What I did:
    using LMS search I searched for all tracks with KEYWORD in the comments tag and then I saved this search as a (virtual) library view.
    In the advanced LMS settings I used additional browse modes to create an artist menu based on the new library view.
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  • RudiRatlos
    started a topic Medienordner in LMS leer

    Medienordner in LMS leer

    ich habe im Netzwerk zwei Pis die ich über das Webinterface von Max2play eingerichtet habe. Eine Synology NAS ist gemounted, der LMS 7.9 ist installiert.
    Kann mir jemand erklären, warum im LMS nur leere Medienordner angezeigt werden, obwohl ein NAS mit dem Ordner Musik gemounted...
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  • Don P
    started a topic music empty scan problem

    music empty scan problem


    I used my squeezbox for years without problem under windows.
    I moved to LinuxMint 15 (ubuntu) and downloaded logitechmediaserver_7.7.2_all.deb from Logitech.
    I run Firefox 22.0
    Everything fine until I rescan my files.
    No way to rescan always I
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  • Stone Free
    started a topic How to set the Master Squeezebox?

    How to set the Master Squeezebox?

    I have both a SB3 in the living room and a Squeezebox Touch in the bedroom. How can I stop the SB3 from syncing to the Touch's empty playlist? I want the SB3's playlist to be the one that wins, so every morning whatever was in the playlist the night before should stay there.

    I thought...
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  • ReadyNAS + Squeezebox Classic + iTunes Integration = no Tracks (all empty)

    My setup: iTunes on ReadyNAS Duo (RAIDiator 4.1.8 which is the newest version)
    Squeezebox Classic (access via W-LAN)

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for my problem or if it'd be better off in a RadyNAS-forum. But since it's probably a problem with my SB this might be better...
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  • library & playlists go EMPTY every couple days & need refresh

    I'm experiencing a problem where my music library and playlists spontaneously become empty every so often, and each time I need to do a full library refresh to get 'em back. Incredibly frustrating and I'm hoping somebody has a solution to share. Here's my specifics....

    • SbS 7.6.1...
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  • No music is displayed by player!

    I got problems with my Squeezebox Touch a while back.

    I currently run Squeezebox Server version 7.6.1 / r33110
    on an iMac under Snow Leopard (10.6.8).

    Since the last update on my Squeezebox Touch (7.6.1 / r9486), it has been
    unable to display ANY of the music...
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  • MrC
    started a topic Mapped drive unavailable
    in Beta

    Mapped drive unavailable

    I'm finding that with my locally mapped drive:
    E:\My Music
    locally mapped to:
    after installation, MC fails scanning, because it does not recognize M:\ as a valid drive. In fact, the scanner in 7.6 then goes about dutifully removing all tracks from its DB, since it thinks M: is invalid....
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  • Announce: Spotify Premium Plugin (Beta)

    Please note this plugin is not endorsed or supported by Spotify or Logitech. If you want a supported solution for playback of Spotify streams using Logitech devices please use the official Logitech support which is available for Squeezebox Touch and Radio.

    Edit: Updated with Release status...
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  • rawdon51
    started a topic iPeng & Duet - Empty Album List

    iPeng & Duet - Empty Album List

    Hi. New to the Squeezebox and though I like what I see so far am having some issues with iPeng. Specifically, having successfully connected iPeng to my Duet receiver, I can browse through artists, but when I access "Albums", all I get is a blank(ish) screen with feint divider lines across...
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  • tawulf
    started a topic playlist woes

    playlist woes


    I'm a happy user of the SB classic for almost 2 months now
    and after ripping my entire collection of CDs to a 1.5TB drive
    I finally come back to clear up some basics.

    The most urgent question is this:

    DO PLAYLISTS WORK AT ALL (outside the...
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  • Gus
    started a topic Album showing as "empty", although it's not.

    Album showing as "empty", although it's not.


    For some reason I'm able to find certain artists/albums, but when I select for them to play (Play All), I get a message on my SB3 screen that states "Empty". This is all the more bizarre, as I go into the server and find that all the flac files for the album are there....
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