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  • Wilmar
    started a topic Duet frozen with logo

    Duet frozen with logo

    My duet seems to boot wel, but got frozen with showing the logitech logo.
    Tried to boot from SD Card, with jive.bin, but with none of my SD Cards it works.
    What could bee the problem and how to solve it.

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  • Squeezebox Devices for sale, I'd like to see them go to community members

    After many years of happily using Squeezebox, I have migrated my home to Sonos (sorry!).

    I have lots of Squeezebox hardware that I'd like to see go to community members, ideally developers who might need more devices to test so they can continue supporting the community. [edit: I'm located...
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  • marsbar
    started a topic Duet power supply

    Duet power supply

    I have inherited a Squeezebox Duet from my father-in-law and I would really like to get it set up and working.
    The hand held controller works fine but the reciever box doesn't start up - there is some red light from the optical port but no other signs of life.
    Measuring the voltages inside...
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  • doobre
    started a topic simple Q about Duet Receiver updates

    simple Q about Duet Receiver updates

    Hi All
    Recently got a used duet receiver, so still seeing "what's what"
    I noticed that in the menus on the remote there is the option to update the software. A list is available option #1 "Begin ipdate (7.7.3 r1.....)etc and option #2 "Begin update (7.8.0 .....)etc...
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  • ASUS ZenWifi AX (XT8) firmware upgrade disconnects my squeezeboxes

    I have several Duet’s and a Touch that use to work satisfactorily, meaning -once in a while I have to pull to power plug from the player to reconnect, but I have learned to live with that.
    LMS is running version 8.1.1 on a Windows Server.

    Yesterday I made a f/w upgrade of my...
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  • bunkertoy
    started a topic Duet music folders

    Duet music folders

    Hello community,

    I hope this doesn't seem like a stupid question.

    When I select different folders through my Duet remote controller, I don't seem to have the option to do a RANDOM MIX of an individual folder.
    Anyone know how to set this up ? Seems like I can only...
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  • Newbie with Duet - can I quickly get to play netradio?

    Hi there,

    I just bought a used SqB Duet, in the hope that I could quickly get it to play netradio. So far, I've not been successful.

    Do I really need to have a SqueezeNetwork server running on a local PC or NAS? Or is there a way to skip that, and just select netradio stations...
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  • Help - Duet crashes when I rescan

    Help please
    Every time I try to rescan, my Duet stops and then can't be restarted - red symbol on the Controller
    The only solution I've found so far is to reboot my Vortexbox NAS - but again this only work for a short while before the same thing happens again.
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  • Squeezebox DUET remote controllers for sale. C-RL65

    I have two Duet controllers for sale.

    One used, I have used this one in combination with my Touch as a remote
    The other one I kept as a spare, so it is almost unused aside some testing.

    Both come in original packaging and are technically 100%, however one battery...
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  • Free Squeezebox hardware (just pay for shipping)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    We have decommissioned our Logitech Squeezebox hardware and are looking for a home for it all. We have the following units in good working order:
    CLAIMED: Two (2) Squeezebox Duets (one new-ish...
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  • SB Duet + Radio for sale (the Netherlands)

    After more then 10 years I’m switching to Bluesound for streaming. The latest years it became harder and harder to make it function, but thanks to @mherger I was able to keep listening to my SB. Thanks a lot! Due to this hassle I’m selling my Squeezebox system. I have a Duet and a Radio. Anyone...
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  • mfwalker1
    started a topic Receiver Replacement?

    Receiver Replacement?

    Sorry if answered previously (I looked for a while!).
    Can I build a replacement for the receiver? With Raspberry Pi etc?

    Not a LMS server, that is already elsewhere, as stated a receiver replacement that will work with a controller.

    Thanks in advance,...
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  • Transporter Internet connections

    Hi All,
    I've recently upgraded from a duet to a Transporter.

    I wired my duet receiver with ethernet and went wireless to talk to my PC which ran Logitech Media Server.

    Is this an option with the Transporter ? or is the Transporter either both wireless or both connected...
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  • Vodafone Router apparently won't work with any DLNA Device inc Duet.

    I just changed ISP from EE to Vodafone. The headline message here is DON'T GO TO VODAFONE! -for so many reasons that are mostly beyond the remit of this forum, so I'll stick with the Duet.

    My Duet system has worked perfectly for years. Moreover the Logitech server - I have two,...
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  • Duet stops at end of a song, sometimes after 5 songs, sometimes after 50+ songs

    Receiver has wired ethernet, comptroller is internal wifi to receiver. Windows 7. Version 7.7.5. Comptroller says 77. Wireless signal 80%.

    I'm playing FLAC's from Tidal. Sometimes it will stop after only 5 songs. Other times it will play for hours without stopping.

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