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  • willefg
    started a topic My DIY RPi4 based headphone streamer
    in DIY

    My DIY RPi4 based headphone streamer

    4 years ago, I built a LMS/Squeezelite streamer for my main listening spot in the living room. It used a RaspberryPi 3B and the original Audiophonics ES9038Q2M DAC hat.

    The 9038Q2M DAC allows for 2 OLED displays to be connected. One to the DAC to display its data, like...
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  • rdb
    started a topic piCorePlayer in a 2005 Apple iPod HiFi
    in DIY

    piCorePlayer in a 2005 Apple iPod HiFi

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a little advice. I found an old Apple iPod HiFi at a thrift store for cheap and I'm looking to remove the ancient 30pin FW connector and install a small piCorePlayer+DAC inside the box.

    The stock HiFi power supply outputs the following:

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  • DIY Boom with raspberry, Jivelite, amp and carspeakers

    My daughter wanted a Boom, as they are no more available i made a custom one.

    Raspberry with a 3.2", jivelite and switches to control the essentials.

    Usb audiocard connected to a diy amp (very cheap one) and two carspeakers.

    A friend customized the housing...
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  • Experiences with Official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen with piCoreplayer

    1. The first touchscreen drove me nuts because I built and rebuilt it several times because of its apparently automatic or ghostly screen changes and touch commands. Finally someone posted that they were having the same problem and I realized it was a defective screen. Apparently the ghost in the...
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  • mrcw
    started a topic DIY Squeezebox speakers from old router?
    in DIY

    DIY Squeezebox speakers from old router?

    Hi everyone (and probably sorry for the noob questions to follow),

    I have a Squeezebox Radio set up in the living room and stumbled across this how-to on turning an old Router plus usb sound card into an internet radio.
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  • benno
    started a topic DIY Squeeze house installation
    in DIY

    DIY Squeeze house installation

    • low-cost multiroom system
    • Some rooms with single, some with double speakers
    • high sound quality is not a prioity
    • no additional (powered) devices in the rooms (besides the speakers)
    • no new cables to speakers, use of the given Cat5 cables
    • Linux as OS; use one of my already running
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  • mftech
    started a topic Monture pour Squeezebox Touch

    Monture pour Squeezebox Touch

    Ma solution DIY pour un support pour la Squeezebox Touch....
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  • mftech
    started a topic DIY Bracket
    in DIY

    DIY Bracket

    Hi here's some photos and details about adding a bracket to my SB Touch.

    I decided to go with a microphone mount hardware.
    There is several mount and stand accessories available and personnaly I like this professional look and feel.
    Material consist of MDF, Microphone Mount...
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  • Thoughts on DIY SB Server and NAS build please

    Hi All

    I'm planning on building a box to primarily do the following things:

    > Run Squeezebox Server
    > Provide NAS services
    > Download and upload Torrents

    My main priorities are:

    > Very low power consumption in standby (where...
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