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  • Squeezebox Booms don´t not start alarm clocks

    [22-11-07 07:08:44.6027] Slim::Plugin::Extensions::Plugin::_parseXML
    (517) entry CustomClock does not match, bad target version [0.1.0
    outside 7.4, *]

    Hmm... is jivelite reporting a version 0.1.0?...
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  • Themes possible? - can i make the clock/time bigger

    I use my squeezebox radio most time in the "now playing" view (internet radio), so i see the album cover, the song titel and the composer. And on the bottom - very very very small - i can see the clock/time.

    Now i want to see the clock/time much bigger (and the album cover smaller...
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  • [Announce] Now Playing with Big Clock (radio patch)

    I'd like to share something with you - I always wanted to have the clock on the radio screen easily visible from a distance, while playing. Default clock on "Now Playing" screen is so tiny...
    I went for hacking the radio's firmware. The patch I am sharing here has been tested...
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  • doobre
    started a topic more clock issues

    more clock issues

    two SQbox radios and have been working fine for many many years. I use a combination of net radio stations and my local media on LMS.. I use the alarm clock daily..
    Since moving from the middle east to NZ I am having real trouble using the alarm. Problem is that when connected to the...
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  • Can't get radio clock to display 12 hour time

    Seems like this may have happened after the last software update. I've made sure the settings are set to 12 hour time (where the setting has always been) and I've changed it back and forth to 24 hour time several times, and restarted the radio several times but the clock still displays 24 hour time...
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  • Clock is losing time on Touch running TinyLMS

    Is any one else having the problem with the clock losing time on the Touch when running TinyLMS? After about a week, the clock will be about five minutes slow. I have to connect the to reset the time and then reconnect to TinyLMS to fix the time.

    It is like TinyLMS is not...
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  • Automatically connect to squezzecenter when server sleep

    Hi. Just moved all music to another (quick) server. This server goes into sleep when not used (as wanted) and wakes nicely and quickly in WOL.
    But...then the clocks shut down on my 4 old classics around the house.
    As I recall, there was a plugin (cant find it) that made the squezzebox...
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  • sirozha1
    started a topic Time format on Squeezebox Boom

    Time format on Squeezebox Boom

    I had the time format configured as I wanted on my Squeezebox Boom for several years. Unfortunately, my NAS (ReadyNAS Pro Business,where the Logitech Media Server runs) became infected with a trojan, and in the process of removing the trojan, I unnecessarily cleared all settings in Logitech Media Server....
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  • franglais
    started a topic Fuzzy Time with SB Radio?

    Fuzzy Time with SB Radio?

    Hi all, it looks like Fuzzy Time doesn't work with the SB Radio? Or am I not doing something right?
    It's checked as "active" in Media server>Server settings>Plugins, but it doesn't appear in any "apps" folder ON the SB Radio.
    If it's not compatible, any suggestions...
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  • Tikkitembo
    started a topic Sn touch - off clock not showing

    Sn touch - off clock not showing

    With the most recent update, I've lost my clock/date time when the sb touch is turned off. When I reset factory defaults, it works, but then once I play music and then turn it off, the clock disappears - just a blank screen.
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  • Ideas to fix Touch clock drift problem?

    There are various threads noting that the clock on the Touch drifts. For me it drifts 30 seconds a day and it is incredibly annoying. These threads don't seem to suggest an automated solution (I am fed up with unplugging my touch every few days to reboot it to get the correct time). Can anyone suggest...
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  • aluis
    started a topic Logitech Squeezebox Screensaver clock?

    Logitech Squeezebox Screensaver clock?


    I am a potential buyer of Logitech Squeezebox Radio Wifi. But i have a question very importan for me: when the Logitech Squeezebox is in any clock to view what time is it? (screensaver or permanent display on screen...)

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  • SB classic - keine Uhrzeit bei Bildschirmschoner

    Konnte in den Foren keine Lösung zu folgendem Verhalten meiner SB classic finden:
    Seit ein paar Tagen funktioniert der Bildschirmschoner nicht mehr. Eingestellt sind für AUS und ANGEHALTEN jeweils DATUM UND ZEIT.

    Bisher war deshalb bei Nichtgebrauch der SB die Uhrzeit abzulesen....
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  • Squeezebox boom clock set to incorrect time

    After upgrading the squeezeserver (to version 7.5.0) the clock on the squeezebox (Boom) is incorrect.

    I have looked at the various settings on the network, etc.. but cannot find anywhere where it may be getting an incorrect time from.

    The squeezeserver is on an Excito Bubba,...
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    started a topic Set clock time

    Set clock time

    ref: squeezbox radio

    how do you set the time? have studied all 32 pages of instructions, searched the community forum and this forum. No luck on getting instructions on how to set the time. Like an old fashion VCR, the wrong time just keeps staring at me with scorn, daring me...
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