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  • Duet receiver booting issues (stuck in loop)

    Hi all,

    I have a duet receiver that I cannot get to connect to the controller and internet. The receiver button lights up red for about 5 seconds then turns off for half a second and then lights up again. The receiver stays in this loop. It doesn't help pressing and holding the button....
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  • Installing Daphile on an external USB drive


    I've been researching Daphile for a while now, and I believe it's exactly what I've been looking for.

    I've done some test installations and it's performed incredibly well, with one exception - I cannot start up to the desired drive without using the install media...
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  • Adding custom boot-splash image to picore and remove boot text

    I have been trying to remove the text at boot and add a custom image instead.
    I couldnt find any similar posts for picoreplayer , only some posts for tinycore.
    So far i have managed to remove some of the text and the raspberry pi logo via editing the config.txt and cmdline.txt....
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  • Why are there two instances of LMS running?

    I realized today that even after a reboot of my ReadyNAS Ultra (on which my LMS 7.7.3 resides), I have two instances of LMS running:
     3460 root      20   0  2508 1076  928 S    0  0.1   0:00.00 squeezeboxserve
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  • Power/Boot issues - Can only boot when keeping power button pressed continuously

    Last week I turned off my Squeezebox Radio (by keeping the power button pressed for >2 sec) and after that it refused to turn on again.

    I tried plugging in on different sockets in the house and plugging in the connector at the base of the unit. Nothing worked. Today I realized the...
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  • will biddle
    started a topic Duet controller won't boot up

    Duet controller won't boot up

    Recently I found my duet controller would switch itself off and re-boot itself randomly. This wasn't a problem as the squeezebox would carry on playing music anyway and the controller would always come back on. However, it is now not able to go beyond the Logitech logo and 'FREE YOUR MUSIC' screens,...
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  • pimd
    started a topic server doesn't start up in Suse 11.2

    server doesn't start up in Suse 11.2

    I always used Suse 11.1 with no problems. After upgrading to version 11.2 I encountered the problem of not being able to start Squeezebox Server. This problem is described somewhere else in these forums. I have not seen a full solution for this so far. When Squeezeboxserver was dead i restarted it by...
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  • Ubuntu Startup, Squeezecenter start before Network manager

    On reboot I lost all my music library.
    If i rescan, nothing appened. Music library is on a network drive that i have mounted.(smbfs)

    I think network manager of ubuntu start after SQUEEZESERVER. As a result , music is not found.
    As a fix, i change network link for the playlist...
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  • ksahav
    started a topic Impossible to boot controller

    Impossible to boot controller


    I had some trouble with my controller one week ago : it was rebooting all the time.
    So I tried to update the firmware with an SD card, and now it's worse, it doesn't boot at all (I tried factory reset / hold "+"). Different core file are generated on the SD card (wpa...
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  • Mystagogue
    started a topic Dual Boot Impact

    Dual Boot Impact

    I installed squeezecenter on both sides of my dual boot XPx86/XPx64 system. I got the first one working with the squeezebox, then I got the second one working with the squeezebox. Getting the second one to work did require, if I recall, doing some setup on the squeezebox/squeezenetwork that I should...
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