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  • LMS's Playback Controls on Apple devices

    Hi everyone, let me introduce myself, I'm Ludovica and I'm a Hi-Fi enthusiast.
    I have configured an Rpi4 with LMS and Squezelite R2 and I use Material skin as a web interface.

    I use an iphone or ipad as a controller but I cannot manage playback in the background or from the lock...
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  • footboy
    started a topic Apple Mojave

    Apple Mojave

    Has anyone had success installing the software (Media Server) for the Squeezebox Duet on an iMac running Mojave (OS 10.15.7)? If so, how did you bypass the Apple embargo ?
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  • rdb
    started a topic piCorePlayer in a 2005 Apple iPod HiFi
    in DIY

    piCorePlayer in a 2005 Apple iPod HiFi

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for a little advice. I found an old Apple iPod HiFi at a thrift store for cheap and I'm looking to remove the ancient 30pin FW connector and install a small piCorePlayer+DAC inside the box.

    The stock HiFi power supply outputs the following:

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  • iOS11 upgrade - squeezebox controller app no longer working

    I upgraded my iPhone to the latest iOS developer release, iOS11.
    Now the Squeezebox remote control app for iPhone no longer works.
    I know that there is an alternative called iPeng, but it's not open source, and it's really expensive.
    Does anybody have the source code of the original...
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  • bocaboy
    started a topic Apple's new streaming music service

    Apple's new streaming music service

    Yesterday, Apple debuted their new music streaming service to go up against the likes of Spotify and Rhapsody. Has anyone released a plug-in for this service, or does anyone know of a way to access this new service via a Squeezebox Radio and the Logitech Media Server? I could use Nicecast to redirect...
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  • Roland Ruckstuhl
    started a topic iPhone App (iTouch App)

    iPhone App (iTouch App)

    Hallo zusammen! Ich habe ein Problem. Ich kann mit meiner Squeezebox iPhone App (iPod Touch App) nicht mehr mein Radio steuern. Wenn ich den App Starte steht nur noch Player wählen. Ich kann mich auch nicht mehr anmelden. (Benutzername eingeben, Passwort) Denn dieser Bildschirm kommt gar nicht mehr....
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  • Does LMS work on Apple OS 10.8 Mountain Lion?

    Greetings. A Logitech support person told me that LMS is certified to work on Apple OS only through 10.7. There is no planned delivery date for the 10.8 Mountain Lion upgrade. What are you experiencing, those that have tried it with 10.8? I see some threads about sleep issues. What else?
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  • Shahab
    started a topic Airport Extreme Base Station Disaster

    Airport Extreme Base Station Disaster

    Hello everyone!

    SOS! Help! Mediiiiiiiiic!

    My previous set up was:

    Squeezebox Touch>D-Link DIR 600>Synolgoy DS212+. Everything worked flawlessly. Except for the fact that for me to transfer files from my MacBook Pro to the NAS was a pain because the...
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  • Problem connecting via Airport Extreme

    Hello experts ! I have a Squeezebox Duet and have had it running towards my WHS ( Windows Home Server ), actually a HP MediaSmart Server where I have all my music. I have previously used a D-link router and setting up the Squeezebox was easy when I did it 2 years ago.

    NOW, we are...
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  • Latest Mac Update (Security Update 2011-005) Issues

    Hi Everyone,

    I started noticing this issue right after I installed the latest Mac security update. Now, whenever I start the Squeezebox Server, the process called Perl5.10.0 just shoots up in memory and takes up in excess of 2GB memory.

    Has anyone else faced this issue?...
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  • SqueezeSlave: External USB audio interface (Mac OS X)


    first of all a praise for ralphy: SqueezeSlave is great work! I'm new to the Squeezebox system, own a Mac mini and a Cambridge Audio DAC connected via USB. The latter fact made me look beyond SqueezePlay as a client for the mini in the first place (SqueezePlay does only support standard...
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  • OS X 10.6 & SB3: Use "Wake on Wireless LAN" feature?

    The new Apple OS X 10.6 offers a Wake on WLAN-feature.
    As I know SB3 can make use of "wake on LAN" - is it even possible to do that via WLAN in this case? I have tried it but nothing happens.

    My iMac is ready (waiting in standby). My airport hardware complies with the...
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  • nbkelvin
    started a topic iTunes Update on a Mac

    iTunes Update on a Mac

    I recently purchased an iMac and have successfully set up Squeezecenter to run as it did on my PC, except that I cannot make iTunes Update work.

    (I have used the extension downloader to add Trackstat, Custom Scan, iTunes Update, etc.)

    I have read James Craig's instructions,...
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