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What are they....
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  • Music Storage on USB3 M2 SSD Mobile ssd?

    Has anyone used USB3 M2 storage SSDs for music storage. They are becoming really cheap, £12 for one TB. My hdd is getting old and I feel it needs retiring to a backup unit.
    What are peoples ideas on music storage with USB3 M2 storage SSD.
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  • Thank you Paul that has sorted it out and it plays well. Set to hw:CARD=Audio,DEV=0. Rpi is a 3b+ and its the first time I have been on v8.2, good improvement on v7.0 that I have been using.
    Thanks again for your help.
    All the best
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  • Paul I do not get a choice, there are no dacs mentioned in the choices. I chose hw:CARD=DAC but squeezelite stops with this.
    The pcm2704 dac is recognised as one but the Bravo-x seems a problem and squeezelite stops....
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  • diode84
    started a topic PiCorePlayer USB DAC Choice Problem

    PiCorePlayer USB DAC Choice Problem

    I have pCP 8.2 on a pi3b+ and am having problems since changing usb dacs. It worked well with a pcm2704 dac but I cannot get it working with a Bravo-x usb dac.
    In the choices of dac which is best. The dac has a ESS9018 chip if that helps. This does not appear on the list of choices,...
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