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  • The plugin now overwrites "HTTP:canEnhanceHTTP​()" to force persistent streaming mode. The option to overwrite this for a plugin was introduced in 8.2. Technically it might still work on 8.1 (the previous required version), as this function would then just be ignored, and as long as the...
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  • toolapcblack, good to hear that you got Mixcloud working again.
    I hope the current implementation can keep working for a whole. At least on the website for the web service request also has a key in the POST request. But it also seems to be working without the key. If they start enforcing...
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  • I released version 0.10 which should fix the problem. This should appear as an update for all users with the plugin installed automatically.
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  • 505
    replied to Mixcloud plugin?
    The page/service used to get the stream URL for MixCloud is (again) broken, and as a result MixCloud wasn't working. I changed it to a different service. Hopefully this one stays working. And it appears that persistent mode HTTP(S) streaming is the only mode that actually works for MixCloud streams,...
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