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    Did anyone ever get this radio repaired?


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      I too am wondering if this radio was repaired. My squeezebox radio, about four years old, also died with the same transistor Q3 burnt out, looking just like the photos from the original poster. Interestingly, I also was running with a home-brew battery pack, sensing temperature but not intermediate voltages (as I think the proper battery pack does). I bought a new radio, but would like to repair the old one so am looking for information.

      Could be this thread is as dead as my radio...


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        ... exact same problem here

        Any update on this thread?


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          Has anyone made any progress here?

          Originally posted by nmizel
          ... exact same problem here

          Any update on this thread?


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            Just a note:

            My Radio never had a battery pack, yet it appears Q3 failed on my board, as well.


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              Hello together,

              I know this thread is old, but now I have the same problem and maybe we can solve it together. First, has anyone a solution by now?
              The Mosfet DMP2215L was also killed at my Squeezebox Radio. I checked the current drain all over without the Mosfet and it is about 10mA@18V. This seems very low.
              Then I measured the current betwen drain and source pins without a new Mosfet and a connected laboratory power supply with an adjusted max. current of 500mA. The voltage breaks down cause of limmited current. This means, there's a short circuit behind the Mosfet transistor but I don't know the circuit cause of missing schematic diagram.
              The power for the digital parts is OK with 3.27V but I can't measure any other voltages except 18V and 3.27V. Who knows the circuit/function behind the Mosfet transistor Q5 or has anyone a schematic diagram? Also parts of a diagram could be helpful. Thanks!



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                Hello once again,

                after measuring some points the fault is clear. The power amplifier chip TPA3101D2 (U2) had an internal short circuit and that is the reason why the Mosfet DMP2215L (Q3) died. I unsoldered this chip with a hot air rework station, then I connected source and drain pins at the unsoldered Mosfet Q3. After that the radio powered up as ever and played music over the headphone jacket. Great!

                The Mosfet Q3 is responsible for "power off" the radio, meaning press the power button longer than 2 sec. After that the Mosfet cuts the power to the system except the 3,3Vdc line. A new Mosfet is easy to solder.

                Click image for larger version

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                To solder a new TPA3101D2 you need eyes like an eagle and good soldering tooling cause the chip has a 48 pin HTQFP package which is also soldered at his exposed thermal pad under his case.

                Hopefully, this thread helps other users with the same fault of the Squeezebox Radio.

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                  18v went to ~3v

                  Hi after returning from my vacation i plugged my SB radio into the mains but it didnt start up.

                  Took the multimeter out and measured the psu, It was working at 18 something volts, but when i plug it into the SB the voltage drops and starts alternating between 1 and 3 volts. (at work now so dont have the exact voltage in my head)
                  For me thats sounds lika a shortcircuit in the unit. opened it up just to have a looksie but nothing apperent. I believe that the smaller card sticking out on the back with the windings is the power regulator/ethernet card.
                  I also measured the traces to the buttons on the front, All the buttons have ~1V supply exept the power button, that sucker has only 0.1V. Dont know if that helps with the troubleshooting but that was what i found out during my lunch break.

                  Any suggestions?


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                    Sucessfully revived SQR after following euleken's instructions

                    I followed the instructions from euleken and replaced TPA3101D2 (Ebay Item: 221274714021) and bridged Q3.
                    Fortunately i ordered two of these TPA's, because after it was working for a while without chassis i reassembled the complete Radio including the
                    battery pack.

                    But after connecting it to power, the SBR fails again after a few minutes.

                    The only thing what was different to my first boot up was that the battery pack was connected.
                    So I have the feeling that this has something to do with failure of the TPA and Q3. I also had to replace Q5 (?) with marking "P3A" right
                    above Q3. It is a PNP Transistor (DPLS320A). Mine was blown.

                    I also want to mention that in my case there was no sign of burn at Q3, so at first i thought it is ok, but it wasn't.

                    Right now my SBR is working. I will further test it and keep you informed.

                    Thanks for sharing worthful information!



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                      It´s me again, i just want to share my findings regarding my repaired Squeezebox Radio.

                      I tried to charge the mostly discharged battery with an external charger, but i can´t get it to work
                      again. The thing I noticed when charging the old battery was that it starts charging with an
                      extremely high voltage (~25 V), and after a few minutes it charges to it´s nominla voltage (~13 V)

                      So i ordered a new one, but as soon as i connected it to my radio i smelled burn and noticed some fumes
                      out of my radio...

                      Fortunately my SBR survived it without further damage.

                      But in my opinion that proofs that the death of SBR's might have something to do with the
                      charging circuit and batteries getting old.

                      So i would recommend to use the SBR without battery pack or replace the battery pack at least every two years.
                      My original battery pack was manufactured 05/09/2012.




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                        I also habe a fried radio, but that one has never seen a battery.
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                          Capacitors with bypass


                          Since now I repaired 5 Squeezebox Radios successfully. Two of them had a faulty power amplifier U2 and a blown MosFET Q3. After replacing these parts the radios worked well.

                          The other three radios had short circuit over small SMD capacitors. Each radio had the same problem but always with different position of the capacitors. Cause I have no schematic diagram I used a strange method to find the faulty device:
                          I use an adjustable laboratory power supply where I can adjust voltage and current separately and adjust 18V @100mA. Cause of the schort circuit somewhere on the PCB, the voltage drops down to a very small voltage like e.g. 2 or 3V @100mA. Now it is time to increase the current carefully with simultaneous check of the temperature of the parts at the front and rear of the PCB (now I know: especially SMD capacitors ). The temperature check can be done with an infrared camera or - if you don't have one - with the back of one finger. Be careful with this method cause part(s) can be getting warm or hot!
                          It is important to increase the current slowly and in small steps and always check the temperature of the parts at once. The faulty part become distinctly warm at one moment (in my cases always SMD capacitors at a current between 300 and 500mA).
                          After desoldering the located SMD capacitor the radios always worked fine and the short cut was away. In all my cases the capacitors had a very small size so I think also they have a relative small capacity. Mostly I soldered new caps of 6.8 or 10nF.
                          In two of the three cases with defect capacitors the MosFET Q3 was blown. Before I replace them and do the "current and temperature" test, I make a short cut between drain and source of the MosFET. After replacing the defect capacitor(s) I solder a new MosFET Q3.
                          In one case Q3 wasn't blown up, but has a short circuit over all three pins. It is not possible to switch the radio completely off. The displays shows "good bye" (or "Auf Wiedersehen") and freeze in this state, cause Q3 can't switch the power off. A replacement of Q3 solve also this issue.

                          To do all these things you need some knowhow about electronics and you need a good and adjustable laboratory power supply with displays for voltage and current, otherwise it could happen that your Squeezebox Radio will go completely up in smoke...

                          At this time I ask once again: Has someone a schematic diagram of the Squeezebox Radio? It would help a lot in locating and analyzing faults!

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                            SBR just died

                            Our SBR just went dark. I had a Bose Wave and a Squeezebox v.1 on the shelf, so sound quality has improved and my plan is to recycle the SBR.

                            I tore the SBR down to see if Q3 looks smoked, but it looks fine. By "tore it down," I mean I popped off the grill and removed the board. Then I stopped at the little black screws. Wow - that is some serious over-torque.

                            The PSU was tested (open and under resistive load) and appears to be fine.

                            If anyone wants to take a crack at repairing it or salvaging it for parts, drop me a note.
                            SB1 (wired) & SB2 (wired - powerline). LMS 7.7.6 on Synology DS213


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                              Squeezebox Radio stopped working

                              Hey Guys,
                              I also got the problem, that my Squeezebox doesn't work anymore. It worked fine on external power until the moment I plugged (an original) battery pack which was normally installed into my other Radio. It was turned off, I plugged the battery, then the power, then I wanted to boot it. It started for a few seconds, then turned off again, and that was the last seen action of the radio :-( The battery pack became very hot between the upper two batteries and it melted away a little of the plastic covering, so I quickly unplugged battery again. Now it's dead. By looking inside the radio, there seem no blown up parts inside... Power Supply provides 18V, also tried it with the power supply of the other radio. No reaction.

                              Anyone got an idea ? I'm not really familiar with electronics...

                              Greetings Thomas


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                                I have my original Radio that blew the power control component(s) as seen in these topics:

                                It is packed in a box, but disassembled (how I got it back from the guy who was supposed to fix it). I'm pretty sure all the little bits are there (chrome buttons, etc) and I know the big parts are there.

                                I would accept $50 US and you pay shipping. I am in Montana. Give a Private Message with contact info, if you want me to follow up.