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Announce: Enhanced Digital Output app - USB Dac and 192k Digital Ouput

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    Well a nice surprise this morning. Decided to try and investigate why I was "only" getting 96KHz on Qobuz streams that provide up to 192. I have been using EDO. First, I connected a USB instead of the optical that I was using, rebooted my SB Touch, and voila!, was able to get it 192, but with dropouts that I have experienced in the past using USB. So I connected to ethernet even though I have extremely fast Wi-Fi, and that didn't help it. So decided that I would settle for 96. I disconnected the USB, disconnected ethernet, put the optical back in, changed a couple of settings on the SB(honestly can't remember exactly what, though), rebooted, and double Voila!...192 still playing, and with no dropouts! Why, how, what?? Beats me. Maybe setting changes, maybe reboots, but I'm getting 192 streams on my SMSL SU-9 DAC now without any issues, using optical and no ethernet.

    Gremlins must've decided to let me have my pudding and eat it too. No other explanation.‚Äč
    Squeezebox Touch